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Disney and Abandonment

Disney and Abandonment Issues

Yesterday I threw myself a bit of a pity party before I went to the Awards Party with my book club girls, and as part of it, I watched a scene from my favorite Disney movie, Dumbo. It was the scene when Dumbo goes to visit his mother in the cell and she sings “Baby Mine.”

Afterwards, I thought about why, given my state of being, would I choose a song I knew would make me cry, and the only thought that came to mind was that it also gives me some sort of feeling of belonging. Somehow, I feel like Dumbo.

The fact that it is my favorite Disney movie is something my mother has often said doesn’t make sense to her.

Disney and AbandonmentWell, a good friend of mine once pointed out that I also really enjoy The Jungle Book (the Rudyard Kipling book, NOT  the Disney version), and that it’s because both deal with being separated from one’s mother. I identify with them, and being ostracized for being different. Mowgli isn’t one of the pack, Dumbo looks different, but in the end both of them are able to rise above their differences (somewhat literally in the case of Dumbo) and become the star of the show.

Disney and AbandonmentHe thinks (and I do, too) that I identify with both of these characters because I am adopted and don’t look like my family, and in many ways don’t think or act like them. Dumbo was essentially raised by that little mouse, Timothy Q. Mouse (at least for the duration of the movie, and then later as his manager), and Mowgli was raised by wolves (literally). Not that my family is comprised of animals, but we are in a lot of ways fundamentally different. Continue reading Disney and Abandonment Issues