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What Happened to the Diner?

Here’s a little insight into me, for those of you who are new, or, well, frankly just because: I like to write at a diner. I like a place where I can sit and eat really unhealthy stuff (or sometimes a salad) and write until I’m done. It needs to be a place where they aren’t going to bother me and ask me to leave, but also a place that keeps my tea filled.

I actually really like that type of place where it’s 24 hours and I don’t have to worry about how late I’m there, and if it has a smoking section, even better. Not that I smoke (anymore), but there’s a laid back feeling to a smoking section that other sections don’t have. It’s understood that smokers will sit around longer, because they need a cigarette to finish their meal… Obviously. Continue reading What Happened to the Diner?