Just one cup

This area is for self-reflection. It contains my views on things, and my questions about life, love, and the basic day to day life of a Thirty-something.

As I’m organizing things, this one may take the most work to pare down. There are a lot of things that I’ve categorized as “Just Me” because it was written just for me, but doesn’t really fit the category, because inevitably I talk about more than just me in the post…

So, while there are other things that are technically included in this list, these are the things that, to me, are the most just for me. Obviously I don’t mind if you read them, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted them online, but any negative criticism won’t be tolerated on these posts.

I think I get it now.

I’m losing faith in humanity…

Giving back a child.

Time for Action!

“Nothing is unfigureoutable” she said

Disney and Abandonment Issues

Sometimes You Just Need a Hug.

Confessions of Depression and Other Things

Decisions about Grad School

Pompeii, Civil Rights, and Procrastinationtea-kettle

Rewind and Review of My Current Situation

Nature vs Nurture (Part 2)

Nature vs. Nurture (part 1)

Radio Silence

Less Eeyore-ish Today

It’s My Life

Remaking myself

Starting some s***


Only 4 Days?

To Discriminate or Not…

Bombs and Mutilated Bombshells

Five Things I Learned from Being Adopted.


Beauty Queens and Texas Whores

The New Superheroes

The first cup


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