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Weekend Coffee Share: 1 week, 2 dates

Hello Coffee Share peeps! This week has been busy, yet awesome, so to relax, I’m having a calming chamomile tea in my biggest Doctor Who mug. Pour yourself a cup and sit down so we can talk chisme* a bit.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Renewal

Hello, happy Coffee Share peeps! This week has been an interesting one. If you’ve read my Hello 2019 post, then you know that 2018 ended fairly crappy for me.

Also, if you’ve read the Hello 2019 post, then there are things you’re behind the times on already! Instead of coffee, today I’ve got some good tea for you!

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Hello 2019!!!

It’s finally time to put the strange year that was 2018 behind us! 2018 was full of many things, both good and bad, but more than anything (or at least for me) it was full of learning.

I learned more about who I was, and I’m still learning about what I’m worth, but 2019 is the year I take all those things I learned and put them to use for me instead of letting things work against me.

2019 is the year I Renew myself!

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Weekend Coffee Share: Yule Edition

Today (Saturday) is the day after the Solstice, and while I try to post on the holidays, I missed yesterday. With the end of the semester and a blossoming social calendar, I didn’t set up a post early, and yesterday I was busy packing to come home to my mother’s house, though I wasn’t able to leave until 8:30 at night… For the near four hour drive to her house.

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Weekend Coffee Share: A Wild Ride!

It seems like 2018 is rushing to an end, which seems about par for the course for my life. Today, though, I’m taking as much of a break as possible.

If we were sharing our lives over coffee, we’d be curled up with some hot cocoa or coffee while watching all sorts of cooking shows (right now is Cake Wars) because I don’t want to cook today, but it is the season to make fun and festive foods of all sorts. Probably going to swap over to the Great British Baking show on Netflix in a bit… unless there are more Cake Wars.

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