#ICYMI: Where does your Inspiration come from?

Last night we had an awesome #JustAddTea Twitter Chat! Our topic was Inspiration, and we had a great turn out! Hopefully it will help me to overcome some of my own Writer’s block.

Well, that and getting on a regular schedule. If you couldn’t make it to the chat last night, here are the questions and my answers. Please add your own answers in the comments below, or Tweet them to me using the hashtag: #JustAddTea! Continue reading


Where to begin with Social Media

I’ve begun helping a fairly new author with his marketing campaign, so while I reacquaint myself with the marketing world (especially now that Social Media has taken over so entirely!), I’ll be posting tips and advice on here. Mostly it is based on my observations, so take it for what it’s worth. We’ll work it out together…

And so let’s begin!

I suppose there’s no better place to begin then with the beginning! Continue reading

What makes you happy?

The smell of sandalwood and rose petals is a favorite of mine. Not because it smells good, which it really does, but because it makes me think of a dear friend of mine who used to draw a bath for me on my bad days, when I thought the world must be ending and I was so overwhelmed but I didn’t understand what was happening. He would add sandalwood oil to the water and sprinkle fresh rose petals on the top, while surrounding the tub with candles and playing Enya or Enigma on the cd player.

To this day the smell of sandalwood can calm me like nothing else.

It’s a small thing, but it’s important every now and then to touch base with the things that make us happy.  Continue reading

Bring your teacups!

I’ve been thinking for a while…admittedly a short while, but it’s been a while nonetheless…about hosting a Twitter Chat.

For those of you who don’t know, a Twitter Chat is basically like an old fashioned chat room, except on Twitter. I’m already involved in several of them, and it’s kind of addicting. I do the #BlogElevated chat on Mondays for advice about blogging. Tuesdays is #TipsyChat, hosted by a really neat blogger over at Tipsywriter.com and covers a variety of things. Then there’s #SpoofChat on Wednesdays, which is kind of crazy, and the #SocialRoadTrip on Sundays.

The #TipsyChat was the first one I got into, and it was purely by accident.

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What’s the Difference?

Social Media has helped me to meet all sorts of new people. One of which is an amazing poet who has several of his poems posted as audio over at Audioboom. He and I spoke about my situation with the Bartender, and the next day he posted this poem about loving someone and it being your breaking point; about being in love versus loving someone.

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How soon is too soon?

Yesterday I shared that there have been others since the Bartender already. Nothing serious… though my admirer, married guy number 5, speaks very seriously of possessing me.

Like I said yesterday, it’s not likely I’ll ever meet him, but it is nice to be noticed from time to time.

Speaking of, obviously I’m back on Tinder again. The Bartender has done a bit of damage. Not as much as the Boy, but enough that I’m finding my patience is very thin with some of these guys. I changed my profile to explain that it’s mandatory to actually have an intelligent conversation with me first, and then explained exactly why it would be worth their while.  Continue reading