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Weekend Coffee Share: A Wild Ride!

It seems like 2018 is rushing to an end, which seems about par for the course for my life. Today, though, I’m taking as much of a break as possible.

If we were sharing our lives over coffee, we’d be curled up with some hot cocoa or coffee while watching all sorts of cooking shows (right now is Cake Wars) because I don’t want to cook today, but it is the season to make fun and festive foods of all sorts. Probably going to swap over to the Great British Baking show on Netflix in a bit… unless there are more Cake Wars.

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Tender Tuesday: First Date vs Meet-Cute

It’s been a while since I even had hope about finding something real. Partially because there have been so many duds that I somehow manage to keep swiping right on, but also because I’ve been so busy that I was fairly convinced that I’d just missed the window for that part of my life; as if summertime was the only time I could realistically find love because the school year is so busy that there’s no use even trying.


This Thanksgiving break left me with some downtime on my hands (a thing that is one of my goals for the month of December: find more Downtime) and I redownloaded the Bumble app. I got a hit. I even got a first date out of the thing, but something interesting happened while I was waiting to meet my date: I had a real-life meet-cute with someone else!

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What kind of Reader are you?

As a teacher, especially an English teacher, I am often faced with the sounds of moans and groans whenever we read… especially if the reading is for homework or in any way on their own. It’s a thing that has been particularly bothersome to me.

And now they (the mysterious they) have made me a Reading teacher as well. But instead of teaching kids how to love reading, I feel like I’m just testing them and making reading even more unpleasant for them than it already was.

It made me think… like really dig down deep and think, how do we get students to like reading?

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Monday Motivation: What problem do you want to solve?

I binged some Doctor Who this weekend. I had heard a lot about the new Doctor, and how wonderful she was. I was skeptical, but the hype is true, I think: She is a good Doctor for the show. She’s brought hope back to it. Capaldi was a bit dour at times…

More than that, though, I was intrigued by the subject matter and the villains that we’ve already seen so far. It reminded me of something I’d seen about Star Trek and how The Next Generation’s main enemy, the Borg, was perfect for the time in which the show was originally airing. The idea that we can lose our humanity through technology was (and still is) an interesting, yet terrifying premise for a story.

So what do the new Doctor Who villains, the Stenza, say about the problems we face today? And what does any of this have to do with writing?

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Weekend Coffee Share: #NaNoWriMo has begun!

Hello Coffee Share peeps! This week, if we were sharing stories over coffee, mine would be rather bitter. I’ve developed a taste for coffee without sugar, and just a splash of heavy cream. I need to get some sugar free flavored syrups because I do like the flavors (especially hazelnut), but I’m finding that I feel better with less sugar in my diet.

Come snuggle on the couch with me, and we’ll discuss while I binge some more Ancient Aliens (It seems to be my thing right now). And if you ask nicely, I’ll even share my discount, post-Halloween candy with you.

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Happy Witches’ New Year!!

It seems exceedingly appropriate that this holiday should land on a Wednesday, a day that for me is very focused on introspection and thinking about where I am going or where I have been. Samhain is a good day for such things, as it is the epitome of the crossroads. It is the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, allowing the spirits to cross over into our realm.

There is a reason why so many cultures celebrate the dead at this time of year, and in so doing, we celebrate those who have gone before us, those who make us who we have become, and those who will help shape us into what we will eventually be.

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