So… welcome to  Just Add Tea!

My name is Elizabeth, I’m a  high school teacher by day, a blogger/author by night (and on weekends), and this is my virtual sitting room. It’s my place to offer wisdom and life stories to anyone who can learn from my mistakes and experiences, just as women throughout history have offered advice to one another while sitting around their parlors, chatting over tea (or something a bit stronger).

This blog began as a way for me to vent my teacher frustrations in an anonymous format. Over the past five years and a life-changing move to Houston, this blog is still undergoing changes, hopefully for the better.

One of the changes I’m hoping to stick to will be what gets posted on which days. I won’t post every day (or even every week), but you should be able to discern what the topic will be about based on which day of the week it comes out… unless it’s an “emergency” post, one in which I just had to post in order to release some steam or else bad things will happen.

  • Monday posts are reserved for Motivation, be it dating, writing, teaching, or trying to just survive.


  • Tuesday will be for date/relationship updates. Think of it as Tinder Tuesday… even though I don’t use Tinder as much anymore. Tinder is almost exclusively for hookups, and that is decidedly not what I want!


  • Wednesday posts will be for what was previously referred to as Creative Endeavors. It will be for all things writerly, including book and movie reviews, and the occasional short story or poem.


  • Thursday posts will be for exploring ideas. Any thoughts going through my head, or things I need to work through as part of my Autistic discovery may show up at any time.


  • Friday posts will be the more emotional things. Hopefully positive emotions, such as gratitude journaling, but there is always the possibility that it will be dealing with depression. Maybe even posts on how to deal with or overcome sadness.


  • Weekend posts are for the “Weekend Coffee Share,” a linkup now hosted by ElectricAlli where various bloggers post in an informal format about how they are and what is going on in their lives. Most of my posts are informal like that, but it’s nice to have a weekly update, even if it’s only for my own personal use to revisit memories… which I have done before.


So make yourself comfortable while I go put the kettle on, and we’ll have some interesting discussions about life and love as we advise and inspire each other over tea.



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