So… welcome to  Just Add Tea!

My name is Elizabeth, I’m a  high school teacher by day, and a blogger/author by night, and this is my virtual sitting room. It’s my place to offer wisdom and life stories to anyone who can learn from my mistakes and experiences, just as women throughout history have offered advice to one another while sitting around their parlors, chatting over tea (or something a bit stronger).

This blog began as a way for me to vent my frustrations in an anonymous format. Over four years and a life changing move to Houston later, and this blog has finally settled into what it was meant to be: a place for me to discuss my dating adventures and share the lessons I’ve learned through my experiences… Though my personal frustrations do still make an appearance.

  • Expect posts about relationships in all their forms. Friendships and casual dating count as relationships, too. My adventures on Tinder show up a lot. If you’re looking for just dating stories, click “Tea for Two” on the menu to the left. On the other hand, if you’re looking for advice, click “Words of Wisdom.”
  • Expect brutal honesty about how I see things. Especially now that I know I have Asperger’s Syndrome for sure, I am much more inclined to stop hiding the weird way I see the world. Basically, I’ve been very blunt on here; that’s going to happen more instead of less. If you’re looking to read about my adventures and insights of being an Aspie, click on “Aspie Explorations.”
  • Expect some creative randomness. I do like to be creative, and I’m currently working on my first novel, The Secrets of Seashells,  so I may, from time to time, include a snippet from that, as well as the occasional random short story or poem, and very very rarely some photography. To see those, click on “Creative Endeavors” in the menu to the left.
  • Expect movie reviews. My movie reviews are some of the most popular posts, getting hits all across the globe! So… we’re going to continue with those. What makes my reviews different? I analyze the characters a bit more than average, and I try to point out good points for an after the movie date discussion. My personal favorite is my review of the new Star Wars flick, which could have been a good date movie if I’d chosen a better date partner… Click “Tea and a Movie” for more.
  • Finally, I’ve added a new category because there are things happening in the news that disturb me and need to be addressed. With the ever growing threat of ISIS and the negative backlash against the Muslim community, and the other sources of hate (I’m looking at you Donald Trump), I added a category specifically for World events: “A Cup of Reality.”

So make yourself comfortable while I go put the kettle on, and we’ll have some interesting discussions about life and love as we advise and inspire each other over tea.



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