A Birthday Tarot Reading

Monday was my birthday, and for the first time in probably a decade I was able to celebrate with my family. While this is a positive situation, it is only one of many alterations to my “normal” life due to Covid-19, and thus I found myself really thinking about how different this year has been from other years in my past.

Honestly, one of the biggest changes has been my ability to be more open and comfortable sharing my spiritual views. As such, for the first time, I am comfortable sharing my birthday tarot reading.

Tarot spread consisting of 12 cards, 5 at top, then 4, then 4. From the top left, the cards are: King of Wands, 2 of pentacles, Princess of Pentacles, The Chariot, The Magician, Ace of pentacles, Judgment, 4 of Wands, The Emperor, 4 of cups, 10 of pentacles, and 4 of pentacles.

There are a handful of reasons why I want to share this reading. For one thing, my reading helped to put some things into perspective that I think I might have forgotten about my most recent journey around the sun. The current situation makes it difficult to really remember some of the positives in recent history without that feeling of disconnect, like maybe it was an entirely different life or that it might not have happened. Trying to understand what the cards represent to me helped me to see that this past 12 months has been more positive than negative.

Secondly, Tarot sometimes gets a bad name, and certain cards in this reading in particular really illustrate how the cards can be more for introspection than for true divination. As I was reading, there were some cards that just absolutely kept saying the same thing over and over, and it didn’t make sense until I did some serious introspection about how my life has changed or about what I want to achieve. In a few cases, it is my own fear that I needed to get past before the the cards made sense.

Before we begin, I need to give credit where credit is due. This is a reading that I found on Pinterest, and here’s a link to the actual site where you can find the instructions: https://www.biddytarot.com/birthday-tarot-spread/

While I am comfortable reading for myself, I am not quite ready to begin teaching others how to read, though I believe that is something I am working towards, so while I am sharing this, please don’t ask me to read for you or to teach you how to read your own tarot. Maybe in the future, but not at this moment.

Let’s begin:

The first card is a summary of the past year. The King of Wands is Leo energy; he is someone who loves to be the center of attention, but manages to get stuff done; he’s a doer or creator. Over the past year, I learned that when I put my mind to something and include the necessary energy to that endeavor (be it physical or spiritual), I can manifest what I need. The downside was that I didn’t really have a lot of fun times this past year. Dating sucked, and I only went on a handful of outings with friends. King of Wands is mostly business and action; he has little time to play. That sums up the past 365 days pretty well.

Second Card: What did I learn? Two of pentacles is learning to weigh the pros and cons, to find balance. This was a lesson learned towards the second half of the “year”, like when I had to find a budget and stick with it. It forced me to make some hard choices, and I had a lot of help figuring out how to make it all work, but I definitely learned more about weighing options and pros and cons. In order to be successful, I had to find something akin to a work/life balance, which would also apply to this card.

Third card: Aspiration for next year? The Princess of Pentacles is a symbol of Spring, the blooming season. She holds the pentacle like a sun to nourish the plants around her. I have been working towards several ideas (particularly this blog and my creative writing) and this suggests that the next year will be a time to put them into action. It’s time to help my dreams to bloom.

Fourth card: The Chariot represents sheer willpower, and here it is in the place of what will empower me over the next year. It’s also literal movement. So the goal to move into my own, more permanent place and my sheer willpower are the things that motivate me and empower me to succeed in this coming year. This is one of those cards that definitely leads to some introspection: It is supposed to represent the things that I find empowering, and (until recently) I don’t normally think of myself as someone with a great deal of willpower, so it is hard to imagine that being the thing that makes me feel empowered, but it makes sense with what the cards suggest my goal should be.

Fifth card… there are some issues here. This position is supposed to represent obstacles, and The Magician is usually more willpower, but through tools. He has all the tools he needs to succeed. As an obstacle, it seems to suggest that I might not have what I need. I pulled the Ace of Swords to clarify, which suggests that it will be an issue of knowing when to cut ties or when to begin. So, I may have what I need, but may choose to begin at the wrong time, or cut ties that I will need later because I think I can handle it on my own. This sounds like an issue of Hubris, at which point that willpower from The Chariot becomes a catalyst for my obstacles.

Sixth card: The realm of relationships for my next year is the Ace of Pentacles: physical/financial gifts from heaven. I get the feeling this means that I will find some financial connections to my relationships, as in perhaps family will help me/need help financially, or that I will meet a romantic partner through work connections. Clarification comes from the Five of Pentacles, which suggests that I will have some fairly down moments where I see what others have and feel strongly that I don’t have that or won’t have that… Been through that a time or three (Both my YOUNGER brothers are married, even though I have to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever been in love or been loved). The difference here will be that eventually something positive will come from it, through those gifts shown in the Ace of Pentacles. Maybe my true love will fall right into my lap…

Seventh card: In the realm of my work/career, I will reap what I have sown. Judgment is just that: breaking a cycle so that I can gain the rewards or punishments I’ve earned. Which way it goes depends on my effort. This is a scary one for someone with Imposter Syndrome, but I am gaining a great deal of self-confidence as the last few years of teaching continue to bring me praise for my ideas and my knowledge/skill in my field. Perhaps it also relates to my writing and I will be able to find the balance I need in order to make writing a larger part of my professional goals.

Eighth card: My health seems to be tied to my domestic situation. Four of Wands shows a couple moving into their new life together. So perhaps a literal move of residence (one of my goals for this year), or that how I handle things at home (like cooking healthy meals and working out as opposed to eating takeout and playing video games) will determine my health. Either way, I believe something about the way I live is going to change and have an impact on my health. I believe for the better.

Ninth card: My spiritual and inner progress is represented by The Emperor. He makes the rules for his entire kingdom and holds himself to the high standards he sets. My spiritual connection and inner progress is directly connected to my level of self-discipline and holding myself to the standards and rules that I have set. Here, in this blog, I’ve made a big fuss about synchronicity and living in flow, even accepting that this pandemic is (in its own way) a form of flow. It is an opportunity for us to identify the parts of our life that need to be altered and adjusted. My spiritual growth will depend on me following my own words and being disciplined enough to follow the path I’ve chosen.

Tenth card: Next year’s focus needs to be on what I was just talking about: seeing what is offered. The Four of Cups is about being bored with what is in front of you, but not recognizing there is another option. I need to be more open to the signs and options that are before me. I’ve been making good progress on being able to spot them and using them to achieve what I set my mind on. Perhaps next year, I need to be more focused on whether or not I am accepting the right options to follow the destiny that the Divine has planned for me.

Eleventh card: The most important lesson for next year, as seen with the Ten of Pentacles, is family and financial stability for the future of that family. This card really worries me as my Dad is currently in the hospital. I don’t want the lesson to be that I lose my Dad and so I need to be more aware of family, or that my Dad’s situation is a financial burden because he wasn’t prepared. I don’t believe that will be the lesson, but there is that tiny fear right now because there is so much going on. More likely it will be about creating a home for a family I might have in the future, or saving for that situation.

Twelfth card: This card doesn’t help that fear from the last card… It represents where I’m headed in the next year, and the Four of Pentacles is about holding onto what is yours, almost like hoarding. Often this is about power and station, but it could be about actual physical money, and the thing that is the most important to me to hold onto right now is family, so… I pulled a card for clarification: the Nine of Pentacles. This suggests to me that instead of being family, what I’ll hold onto will directly be related to work or my writing. Nine of Pentacles is the card of success. You’ve achieved what you set out to do, and now you can enjoy it. So, it’ll be about me holding onto a title or the status from being successful.

Overall, this reading seems fairly positive. If my biggest obstacle is really my own hubris, born from the increased willpower that motivates and empowers me, well I think I can handle that.

About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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