Weekend Coffee Share: Sudden Shift

This coffee share will not be quite like normal as things (like the title suggests) underwent a very sudden shift this week. So I’ll offer you some coffee or tea to go, but I don’t think we’ll have time to sit and have our normal sort of chat.

The week started off alright, though I had been stressing a tiny bit about getting all my grading done. Since I don’t really feel like a teacher right now (doing mini lessons via Zoom and moving grades from an online program into my gradebook is NOT teaching!), I haven’t been as on top of grades as I should be. Probably dropped the ball in a few other areas as well…

But, I stayed up late Tuesday night to get as close to caught up as I could, given that about 40% of my students hadn’t turned in ANY work by that point. Keep in mind, we’ve been doing online “distance learning” for about two months now.

Then, I was woken up by my brother earlyish on Wednesday morning. I should have been up earlier, but I was up pretty late grading papers and I’d already done my Zoom meeting on Tuesday, so I turned my alarm off, and so it was later than it should have been, but still earlyish.

This was what I woke up to: My Dad had an accident, and my brother was at the hospital waiting to see him or bring him home. Details weren’t clear at that point.

For that matter, details still aren’t 100% clear. Here is what I know:

My Dad somehow veered off the road and into a ditch. As a result, he broke his sternum and his L7 vertebra. While testing, they identified something was very wrong with his kidneys. Since then, they have done surgery in order to drain the kidneys and/or bladder, and they said that if this accident hadn’t happened and he hadn’t gone into the hospital, he probably would have been dead within the month; his kidneys were very close to full kidney failure.

Until his kidney function is up to a healthy level, they can’t do the surgery they need to do to fix his back, and because of his back, they can’t position him in a way so as to do a biopsy to determine if it is cancer… though that word has been thrown around a lot more than I’m comfortable with.

Because of the CoronaVirus, only one of us can go to see him at a time: only one visitor per DAY.

On Wednesday, my brother went because he was the one that was initially contacted about the accident. Granted, that is because they work together and it happened during work hours (my whole family works in Education and so we are all in some way “Essential Workers”).

The next day, I didn’t even get a choice. My mother (Dad’s ex) was there before I was even awake. Apparently he asked for her to be there because they were married for over 30 years and she has always been in charge of things for him, so he needed her there, and she still loves him, so she went.

Friday was supposed to be my day, but I teach high school and had to have all my senior grades submitted by noon. I had several Zoom meetings in order to go over the end of the year procedures (a necessity since this is a new school and CoVid has changed all normal procedures) and both parents and students were blowing up my email because they were trying to get all their work turned in… even though it was late, and they’ve known for over a month what assignments were due when.

As such, my mother took another day with him.

So, now, Saturday is my day. By the time most of you read this, I will either be there with my father, or I will be home already.

This sudden event has completely shifted the attitudes of everyone around me. We’re all a little bit in shock, but the general consensus is that this needed to happen because Dad is stubborn and we’ve all been trying to get him to see a doctor for over a year. The silver lining or blessing in disguise is that he is finally getting the treatment he needed to have gotten months ago.

Hopefully it’s not too late.

I have faith that it’s not. I believe in a purposeful universe, and I can’t believe that the Divine would put him through an accident that would bring these problems to light only to let it be the end.

Actually, one of the few things (other than grading) I did manage to accomplish this week was a post about being in flow with the universe…

So, that’s my situation at the moment. Thank you for letting me get it out of my system. Being trapped away from most of my friends, and not able to really discuss it with my family because we’re all feeling the same turmoil of emotions, has made this more difficult than I think it normally would have been.

I hope things were much brighter in your world this week!

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About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

22 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Sudden Shift

  1. Wow Elizabeth, what a crazy week. I hope your dad is recovering well. Good thing that they found out about his kidneys! I’ve always a loss of words when it comes to peoples physical struggles. I pray things are going in the right direction.
    Good like with the grading. I’m super busy now by the end of the semester as well. I should write some evaluation cards this weekend. I mean, I WILL write some evaluations cards this weekend!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for the prayers! I’ll be bringing my grading with me to work on while I sit with my Dad again tomorrow. I’ll keep you all updated as more info comes about.

  2. I will be holding you and your family in the Light. Also, your students who’ve not turned in assignments, yet. I hope that your visit with your father will come soon.

    Best wishes for the coming week!

  3. Wow, I’m sorry about your dad, but it is good thing he had that accident! Hopefully they can figure something out soon and he can start healing. I hope your visit with him went well 🙂 Have a good week ahead.

    1. It was a good visit. I get to see him again tomorrow, too. My birthday’s on Monday so it’ll start good. Tentatively they’ll be doing surgery on my dad on Tuesday, so we’ll see how it goes from there.

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad’s health issues. I hope your visit with him made you feel better and he gets the medical care he needs. Take care. #weekendcoffeeshare

  5. Wow and wow and then, wow Elizabeth. What a nuts week you’ve had. I hope all your dad’s news going forward is good news and that your visit went great. It is indeed fortunate that he got the non-accident stuff caught and is now being resolved. I look forward to news of a full and quick recovery.

  6. OH Yikes! It seems like poor timing, but perhaps the car accident was a good thing bringing other issues that really needed attention to light. Stay strong. Even though you cannot see him as much as you want, he knows you love him.

  7. Wow. That’s a dreadful week. I do hope your visit went well today. It’s great that you can see the silver lining in this (his getting treatment) and I have to wonder how that kidney problem affected him all this time. I’ve had kidney infections and they made me unable to think straight- I was so exhausted. I totally relate to the student assignment issue. I don’t think many of us are teaching the way we would prefer. Can you imagine being a kindergarten teacher? At least the older kids can communicate via Zoom or Hangouts. Thanks for sharing!

  8. what a hectic week!!!
    Hopefully they have caught the problem at a stag when it can still be dealt with, the older folk have a habit of being stubborn about treatment refusing until its unavoidable
    sending positive vibes from across the globe

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    I feel we’ve established quite a connection during this coronacrisis, and I agree with you about the difficulties of trying to connect with your regular, local friends during this time and it’s been much easier for me to connect with my blogging community and people from Church who meet on Zoom.
    Our schools went back to regular, full-time hours on Monday this week. On Tuesday, the principal sent another one of her chatty, connecting emails home, which I thoroughly appreciated. She’s the one who referred to things being “clunky” and boy did that turn out to be a premonition. She talked about kids struggling to stay awake after being night owls for the last month and getting off to school for 8.30 was a rude shock. She spoke about some kids arriving with empty bags and just really out of kilter, even though they’re senior students. They had food, pens, books etc all on hand to help and were so nurturing. She’s such a loving person, and her sister has cystic fibrosis and needs to isolate like me so she’s very understanding.
    BTW you’ll read in my post that the education minister suddenly ordered the schools back full time last Monday with a week’s notice and parents, principals and teachers found out via the media. Thanks a lot. It really stressed me out. Prior to that, we’ve had two weeks of students attending one day a week and were expecting the equivalent of a graded return to work. Our son described them as “lab rats” and the teachers were on record saying they’re been thrown to the sharks. I contacted our local Member who used to be a teacher at the school. Meanwhile, our son who has barely been out the front door for the last month, has ended up with racing thoughts and deep philosophical questions and can’t sleep. One of his mates has also had a rough time but more of a sinking response. So, I think it’s good for them to be going back to school. He’s walked to school a bit to get his exercise up and seeing his friends has made a world of difference.
    I can also relate to your issues with your Dad and hope this complex situation resolves soon and well.
    My husband’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. Nothing seemed to be happening so I assumed they’d caught it very early and it wasn’t a real concern. That they were monitoring it or something However, hers ended up being an aggressive form but it also has a very effective, targeted treatment and so well at least in terms of what she’s saying the prognosis seems good. Not so sure about the treatment. She started chemo today but is interstate and our borders are closed so we can’t see her. The other issue with this is that my husband’s other sister had breast cancer 2 years ago along with their mother and so they’ll now be doing genetic testing, which has implications for our daughter.
    So, life for us hasn’t decided to play nice either and just let us deal with the coronavirus and it’s implications without adding complications and deep emotional issues.
    I am having trouble getting anything done and my sleep is very out of kilter, but it seems many are much the same so I should be kinder to myself and I suggest you do the same, which probably doesn’t come naturally to either of us.
    I’ll be praying for you and your Dad.
    Best wishes,

    1. Goodness! I don’t know what I would do if I had to go back to normal school on top of all this! Luckily, we’re officially done for the school year after tomorrow, but trying to contact my students and parents to get the last few grades turned in online, plus dealing with my dad’s situation has been beyond hectic. If I can just survive this week, I’ll be okay, I think. I feel like I should knock on wood just for thinking such a thing…
      How much longer until your school year is out? Or do you do year round school?
      Fingers crossed things get better soon!

      1. Thinking of you, Elizabeth. How is your Dad going? My sister in law started chemo yesterday and told me she cracked a tooth today. I know a few people who are questioning their luck atm. I am feeling like a bystander with all this stuff going on and coronavirus riots in America, Hong Kong. We need to rally around and support each other.

      2. Agreed! This is the time to be supportive and positive, not to riot. You can’t remove evil with more evil.

        My Dad is doing better, I think. He had his back surgery this week, and he started his physical therapy yesterday. Not sure what’s going on with his bladder. They still can’t do the biopsy until his back heals. He wasn’t able to keep much food down in the last 48 hours, but he ate some soup and some fruit for dinner. He seems about to go to sleep so I’ll probably be heading home soon.

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