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One of Many Ways to Plot Your Story

Coming off of last week’s Chat about Character Arcs, this week we’ll be looking at how to plot or outline your novel.

Well, we will be looking at one particular perspective on it: mine. Granted my perspective is based on a bit of research as well as past #JustAddTea chats that we’ve had concerning outlining, but it is still simply my view. I know successful authors who plot every detail to the point that their “outline” is practically a rough draft of their book written in a bullet point format. Meanwhile, there are some authors I know who simply go with the flow, in other words, to use the NaNoWriMo term, they are “pantsers.”

Neither is inherently correct or inherently wrong because writing is a particularly personal endeavor, and other than following some basic grammar and spelling conventions so your audience can actually read your work, there isn’t a definitive answer as to “How” you are supposed to do it.

So, take what you can from what I’m offering and make it your own.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Ennui

Good day, my fellow coffee share peeps! Today we’re having coffee in my brother’s house (still… I’ve been here for the last 2 months). I’ve got green tea, Earl Grey, and iced tea for my tea drinkers, and there’s a Keurig and pods with a nice dark roast for those of you who really want the java. So come on in, make yourself comfy, and let’s chat a while.

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