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Beltane 2020: From the Flames, Flowers will Bloom

The Great Wheel turns again! Today, May 1st, marks the midway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It is the peak of Spring, where we celebrate the longer days, warmer nights, and the blooming of flowers.

It’s a holiday with, as it turns out, a bit of a complex background. Like the Easter bunny doesn’t fit with the Christian celebration of Easter (but it does with the New Age Ostara festival), there are two elements of Beltane that seem to conflict: Fire and Flowers.

So where do they come from? And why are they celebrated together? More importantly, how can I include them both in a way that is both honoring the day and makes me feel a little better during this crazy time in human history?

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The Truth of “Those who can’t, Teach…”

Welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved Just Add Tea! For those of you who are new, this might be your introduction to who I am, so let me apologize: that title might not be the best representation of who I am, but bare with me. For those of you who’ve been around for a while, thanks for sticking around; I know you’ve been waiting for this post for quite some time.

So let me introduce you to the new me, brought to you by the CoronaVirus and the soul-searching that has become a dominating part of most of our existences in this strange time.

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