Weekend Coffee Share: New Things Coming Soon

Hey there, Coffee Share Peeps! Today we’re enjoying our coffee/tea at Panera Bread. I needed to get out of the house for a bit, and while it is definitely not in the budget for this little excursion, I’ve meal prepped for the week, so I’m feeling up to a little splurge.

I even made muffins!


Really, I just needed to get out of the house.

I’m starting to get a little nervous about my new job. Friday was my first time interacting with a bunch of the people at the new school, and while they were all very friendly, more than once, the comment was made about this district being the best, and them only hiring the best…

It set off my Imposter Syndrome a bit.


I’m starting to wonder if I’ll measure up.

At my first teaching position, I was the only high school English teacher, and I had no idea what I was doing and no one to compare my abilities to. As a result, I took it very much to heart when people told me I was “too nice,” or that the kids liked me too much, which proved I wasn’t doing things right.

My frustration/confusion at that job was one of the reasons I started this blog so many years ago!

Then, my next job was at a school that I thought was the worst I could possibly end up at, though I didn’t feel that way at first. I believed the principal and the face she put forward at the interview. I believed they cared about the kids, and then I witnessed them do things that were terrible for the kids. I needed out. I almost quit teaching entirely!


A handful of random incidents (that I convinced myself were really synchronistic events) led me to my next school. It was more of the same. Instead of doing what was right for the kids, the people higher up would do what was necessary to make it appear they had the kids’ best interest at heart, but, in reality, it was only ever about the money. Money that this past year seemed to be floating around in all sorts of questionable places.

A lot of questionable stuff happened, which is why I felt it was necessary to get out of there. The incident with Twitter was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or the band that broke the watermelon. Whatever.


Instead of giving up, however, I looked for a new school, and now I’m at one. One I’m afraid I won’t measure up to.

The past week was mostly full of prep last-minute relaxation. I slept more (trying to stock up because I know I won’t get that much sleep during the school year), and did less than I have all summer.

Until Friday, that is.

Friday was the day I actually got to meet a bunch of the people I’ll be working with. It began with the district feeding me breakfast. There were people to direct you so you didn’t get lost (in case you couldn’t read the dozen or more signs and televisions projecting the directions and outlining the day), and there was a huge breakfast spread of bacon (the thick-cut kind) and fresh fruit salad and biscuits and gravy (both with sausage and without). Then there were about 3hours of amazingly uplifting videos and speeches from several of the higher-ups in the district, including the superintendent.

To illustrate the differences between this place and the last school, the last time my old superintendent spoke to the teachers, he made the comment that if he was as miserable at his job as he could tell that we were, he would seriously rethink his job situation.

As in, quit.

The new superintendent said that if teachers in this district were unhappy, that was on the district office because it was their job to make sure that teachers have what they need to be successful.

See the difference?

He also said that being American wasn’t a race, gender, orientation, or any other thing like that. Being American is a concept and that he hoped that this district would be the best example of that concept.

The only “negative” thing he said the whole morning was this: “If you can’t love a kid that doesn’t look like you, or comes from different circumstances than you, then this isn’t the district for you.” The biggest, most important rule is to love the kids as if they were your own; because they are. This district considers itself a family.

It might all be hype, but they spent a lot of money to present the hype to the over 1,300 new teachers to the district, about 30% of which were people returning to the district.


Meanwhile, I’ve heard through the grapevine that, at my old school, they’re still missing nearly a fourth of their English department because so many people left and they’re struggling to get people to fill the holes. And not just in English, but several of the other content areas as well.

I feel bad for my kids, but I’m super stoked about my new school. So long as I can meet their standards.

One of the things that the extra time this week has made me realize, though, is that this blog is going to need to be revamped if I’m going to continue using it. As much as I like the dating stuff, I can’t have it be part of here anymore.


My new district is very big on using Twitter for educational purposes, and while I could create a new “teacher-friendly” Twitter account, I already found that doesn’t work for me. My students need to see that I’m not joking about having over 6,000 Twitter followers if they’re ever going to take anything on Twitter seriously.

My Twitter leads to here.

Thus, “here” needs a new look and to remove some of the older, more risque (albeit more interesting) posts.

Just be on the lookout for a new look sometime in the next month or so. I’ll still do the Coffee Shares… though I’ll try to keep it to the normal format. This one (and most of them, if I’m honest) kind of rambled onto other things.

So how are things in your world?

If you want to be part of the coffee share, check out the host:  Eclectic Alli, or go straight to the link-up here



About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: New Things Coming Soon

  1. Hi Elizabeth. Wow, lots of stuff on your plate these days. I hope, along with all the other things you are thinking through, that you find those nuggets the rest of us see that testify to how much insight you can bring to bear on problems and if allowed, could help any district increase the overall quality of the education being delivered. Find that diplomatic side of you and help everyone there do a better job and I bet you find yourself as a leader in the effort.
    That’s it. Now go make us prouder still to know you.

    1. Thanks. It feels like there is always a lot on my plate! Hopefully things will calm down soon. My new team leader thinks we’ll have the entire first semester planned out by Friday, which means things will be much smoother in the coming weeks.

      Thank you for your faith in me and my abilities! I’ll do my best to be worthy of it.

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