Beltane 2019: I’m back…

As the fires of Bel make the land fertile and the sun takes over, bringing us into Summer (though it was gray and wet when I tried to go on a walk earlier), I’m finally back to write and share with my wonderful online people!

I do apologize for my disappearance. I wish I had a good excuse, but basically, it was simply that something had to take a back seat, and this was the thing that went. All of my writing went the way of the dodo for the last month or so…

This weekend I’ll be back with the Coffee Share (assuming it still exists…), so today I want to celebrate Beltane, also known as May Day!


On this day, the winter officially gives way, not to the Spring, but to the Summer. By the ancient ways, bonfires are lit to purify the crops, the people, the herds, and to usher in a good harvest. Couples pair off in the fields to welcome fertility into their lives and into the fields to help the crops to grow.

In modern times, this is the day when every woman has the ability to embrace her Maiden side, to be flirty, young, “fertile”. It is the time to embrace change in one’s life, to burn away the old self and to allow oneself to grow as the crops grow and to tend the seeds, be they spiritual, physical, emotional, whatever, and help them to grow into a glorious harvest in the months to come.

In this way, I have embraced the change within me and have become as the butterfly preparing to exit the cocoon.


I see my faults and my mistakes from the past month, and I choose to take the steps to improve myself, my life, my love, my teaching, all aspects of my being so that I may achieve my purpose. I choose to be better. I choose to be my true self. I choose to let myself heal, even if that means removing people from my life or removing myself from the lives of others.

May the goddesses of old help me find my inner strength so that I may achieve my goals. I welcome them as I welcome the sun and the summer:

Dear Artemis, make my aim clear and true, let me run free and wild like you.

Dear Isis, help me heal my deepest wounds and create my life anew.

Dear Aphrodite, let me embrace my body as my temple and enjoy life’s sweetest pleasures.

Dear Rhiannon, let me awaken my magic and wisdom, that I may be the queen of my kingdom.

Dear Shakti, awaken your primal power within me and rise in bliss within and through me.

Dear Hera, bless me in sacred union with my beloved, on earth as we dwell already in heaven.

Dear Flora, crown me with a garland of flowers and bless me with beauty in all hours.

Dear Freya, help me know that it is safe and right for me to be lavished and ravished.

Dear Xochiquetzal, help me conceive, nurture and birth every dream within my heart.

Happy May Day!


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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