Book Review: Anything is Possible.

Fair warning, I did not finish this book, so this review is short.

Anything Is PossibleAnything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This one is going on my “Couldn’t bring myself to finish” shelf.

I feel bad about it because I really enjoyed the first one, but this felt more disjointed, and it was hard for me to keep up with which character was which as it pertained to the original story. I pretty much lost it right after the story of the Pretty Nicely girl who was rude to a student. I made it through that one (because I remembered how she tied into the original story), but then it started to fall apart.

While in the beginning, it was obvious that what connected the characters was their connection to the original story, and to Lucy’s book, specifically, after that one story, the connection seemed less sure. What had been an interesting look into the lives/perceptions/futures of characters mentioned in the first book, turned into a disjointed group of stories with very little hope to cling to. The further in I got, the darker and more hopeless I felt for these characters, and that is not something I want to subject myself to.

I sincerely hope that something uplifting happened, but, as I said, I couldn’t bring myself to finish this one.

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