Weekend Coffee Share: It’s gonna be a busy school year.

This weekend, if we were sharing stories, we’d be curled up with something soothing. I’m having some detox tea, and while I’ve had my shower, I’ve put my jammies back on. I have serious plans to do almost nothing today.

Maybe play some Sims 4… but other than that, I’m not doing anything else today!


We just finished the second full week of school (technically the third week, but the first week was only half a week, so I don’t know how I feel about really saying it was week 3), and I’m already worn out!

That is why I haven’t been participating in the Coffee Share that much lately.

This past week, I only left the building before 5 pm one day: Friday. Keep in mind, the work day starts at 6:30ish in the morning. I say “ish” because I only have to be there at 6:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays. The rest of the week, I have to be there by 6:45 officially, though it seems the English department is the only one that sticks to that.

I got caught in traffic one day and didn’t get there until 7… There were a ton of people just pulling in at the same time I was, and yet they didn’t seem to be in a rush. As in this was their normal time to arrive. Also meaning that, while I’m rushing to get in, I have to wait for them to meander in through the door…


Either way, my workday begins before 7 AM.

On Monday, a former student asked if she could stay in my room until 5. I had serious plans NOT to stay, but she explained that her foster mom wouldn’t let them come home while she wasn’t there, and our after-school program is in some stage of limbo at the moment, so…

I put her to work cleaning my room. I had thought that if she was busy, I could get some grading done, but instead, I had to redirect her several times and also, she really needed to talk. Stress does that.

So Monday I didn’t leave until 5:30ish.

Tuesday there was a meeting I had to go to, plus my team decided that we needed to meet… even though our scheduled meeting time was for Wednesday. It was supposed to be a short meeting, so imagine my surprise when I finished my meeting, at 4:30 and they were still there…

So Tuesday I didn’t leave until 5:30ish.

Wednesday was our scheduled meeting, but there was also a mandatory training, meaning that according to the higher-ups we didn’t have to stay, but, of course, we did.


So Wednesday I didn’t leave until 5:30ish.

Thursday, the same student needed a place to stay, so I again put her to work, and yet I managed to grade papers. But there were a lot of papers to grade. I hadn’t touched any of them since I’d been in meetings almost every day since school started. And on the days when we didn’t have meetings, I was so exhausted (trying to get back on school time is HARD) that I left as soon as was allowed. I stayed until I had everything graded except the essays that are now sitting on my dresser staring at me.

So Thursday I left at 9:15 PM.

By Friday, I was so tired that had several students not asked if they could stay for tutorials (because they hadn’t finished those same essays that are now staring at me from my dresser), I would have left as soon as the last student was out of my room at 2:30. Instead, I stayed, helped some students, graded a few of the things that were NOT essays (things that had been turned in late), and then left.

On Friday I left at 4:30. Still 2 hours after the school day was over, but I was out of the building before 5 o’clock.


And thus yesterday and today, I have done very little that was useful. I binged The Sinner, and I’ve played Sims 4. Today, I hosted my weekly Twitter chat because I enjoy that, but even that felt like I wasn’t quite in it. And now I’m writing this. I’ll probably order a pizza or something after I’m finished here, and then I’ll veg out while I play Sims until I can’t stand it. Since there is no school tomorrow, I’ll grade papers and finish modifying my lesson plans tomorrow.

Three weeks in, and I’m already feeling the burnout. This school year is going to be interesting…


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: It’s gonna be a busy school year.

  1. I had not fully realized before reading your post, tonight, how wise my decision was to avoid taking any teacher education classes at college. I truly would not have survived one day, let alone two and a half (?) weeks. My hat’s off to you!

    1. It has it’s pluses as well. Sometimes when things get hard, it’s overwhelming, but when things are good, they are really good. I’ve had several students ask me to adopt them out of foster care, and old students that look me up on social media to ask for help in college or (on one occasion) to help them impress a girl using something we learned in class. It’s a job that makes a difference, but it isn’t easy! I’m sure you would do fine if you ever decide to give it a shot. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi Elizabeth – your daily challenges to get out were sardonically funny to read. I know that this process must frustrate you easily as much as slow walkers – who can make me insane and whether in a store or church sanctuary – sometimes they just need to GET OUT OF MY WAY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND LIFE. . . !

    I’m not social enough to fire up conversations with everyone I get near to, but am very keen for a bit of open space and fewer voices around me.

    That said – I’m so impressed that you are willing to set aside your burning desire to get out of the classroom when your student needed a safe place to be. Bravo Lady ! ! ! Bravo!

    You are one of the heroes out there who will be remembered as having made a huge difference for a kid (kids?) whose responsible adults were not willing to do right by them.

    You are a gem in an large box of nuts and stray societal plumbing parts. I hope you soon get many days of getting home at a reasonable time and that God grants you the strength to hang in there for your students.

    1. Thanks! I’m finishing up the post for this week, and I’m happy to say, it is going better. There’s still some stress, and still a lot of late-ish nights, but I can sense that it’s slowing down a bit, and that’s good. I’ll be caught up soon, and I’m feeling more organized, which helps! See you around the coffee share!

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