Weekend Coffee Share: Hold my Beer

#Update: When I wrote this, I hadn’t seen the latest news about the flooding. Hurricane Harvey, or Tropical Storm Harvey, has done quite a bit more damage than I thought, and my school has been canceled until September 5th due to the damage there. So, I am very glad I left when I did! And also, I’m sorry if my tone was flippant in this post.

This week’s coffee share title is something I wish I could take credit for, but it’s actually something I’ve seen floating around Facebook because of Hurricane Harvey, which actually, I’m thinking (at least for my part of the world) is thankfully turning out to be a bit of a let down.


So, on with the coffee share…

If we were drinking coffee and sharing about our lives this week, we’d be sitting in a dry spot on my mom’s porch and watching the rain. It’s rather pleasant here, albeit it’s also pretty constant, and is considerably more rain than I think my hometown has had in a long, LONG while.

I know that when it made landfall, Harvey did serious damage, and I am sorry for those families, but it seems that perhaps the hullabaloo about it being devastating for big huge chunks of Texas may have been a bit exaggerated. While I left Houston to avoid such a terrible storm, it sounds like most of my friends (many of whom have been through a hurricane before) are not only safe, but possibly drier than I am on the other side of Austin from the storm.


So, while they decided to cancel school this past Friday (to give everyone time to prepare for the Hurricane), the rest of the week was busy, busy, busy!

Monday was the eclipse, though I couldn’t see it. Not only was I in the wrong part of the country to see the totality of it, but I teach English and only the science classes had permission to go outside and watch it. Even then, there was pretty full cloud cover, which I know because I have windows in my classroom this year.

You cannot possibly comprehend how happy that makes me! (The windows, I mean.)

Meanwhile, I was in charge of creating the lesson for this week (I always volunteer to do the first week, if possible), and so I had to make sure my classes were on point! This means that I spent a bit of time doing extra prep every day. I even stayed late until 6:30 on the Thursday before the hurricane because I needed everything to be perfect!

Only to find out a few minutes after I left that we wouldn’t have school on Friday because of how bad they expected the hurricane to be.


Really, the rest of the week was all just school prep. I went out to eat with teacher friends a couple of times, and I saw some good Netflix shows while trying to do mindless things to help my brain wind down.

Those backfired every time, however.

I watched Marvel’s Defenders on Monday night, and I ended up binging the whole thing in one sitting! I hadn’t meant to. It was just so good that at the end of every episode I found myself thinking “I have time for one more…” until next thing I knew, it was after midnight… and I needed to be up by 5.


This made for a long Tuesday! And when I came home, every ounce of my body wanted to take a nap, but I knew if I took a nap, either I’d wake up with a second wind and have another mostly sleepless night, or I’d just go to sleep and then wake up at like 1 or 2 in the morning, and then be ready to end my day around lunch.

That was the night I decided to watch What happened to Monday in order to stay awake. I really like that film! I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a movie or a series, but I’m glad it was a movie, although it’s long! It’s about 2 hours, and while I guessed the two major twists at the very first hints, there was so much action and so many red herrings, that I forgot them, and was pleasantly surprised to see my initial assumptions were right.

Having watched it once again (and about to watch it a third time), I really like the way the hints are laid out. Basically every time you’re given a true hint, you’re also given a red herring and/or a super intense action scene to keep you from focusing too closely on the real hint.

It’s really well done, and goes well with last week’s #JustAddTea topic: Mystery writing.


That night, I did still wake up for no reason at like 2 AM and could not go back to sleep to save my life. Which made for a long Wednesday.

Wednesday was made even longer because  that’s the day we have our EPLT after school, and a department meeting, and I’m (obviously) still not on a proper sleep schedule yet. I’m working on it, but I am struggling with my plan of being at the school every day at 6:30, whether I have to be there for morning duty or not. The random unexplained panic attack at 2 in the morning didn’t help.

I also don’t know what all of EPLT stands for, but it has something to do with Planning Lessons.


Then, like I said, I was at the school until 6:30 getting my data ready for our planning meeting on Friday, and also making sure I had my copy requests submitted for next week, and that I had the necessary tools for Friday’s lesson. I went to dinner with a coworker (her husband joined us at the restaurant), and in the middle of that, we found out that there was no school the following day.

Now, if you read yesterday’s post about the hurricane, you’ll know I wasn’t worried about it at first. Honestly, I haven’t been as worried as most of the people I know, either in Houston or away from Houston, except I did decide to leave. It was predicted that our area might be without power for a full week, and that school would be cancelled, and hearing all the stuff on the radio about trying to locate things like water and bread and other non perishable items, all that panic did seep into my brain a bit. Enough so that leaving seemed like the thing to do.

I’m not terribly angry at myself for having done so, but if school isn’t cancelled for Monday, I will have to drive the four hours back to Houston in the rain and the wind. It may actually be more dangerous driving back than it would have been to stay there in the first place!

I’ll find out later today whether or not school will be open or not. I’m not even sure which I’m hoping for at this point…


Hope your week was good; I can’t wait to hear about it! Now, I’ve got to finish getting ready for my Sunday morning Twitter chats. #WritersPatch is first, hosted by my friend and fellow writer Alexandra, aka the Patchwork Nerd. She has a youtube channel you should check out. Then, directly after is my chat at 11 am Central Standard Time: #JustAddTea.

Hope to see you there!


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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