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Finding Peace

This one will be a short post. Mostly because I am at a loss for words, but partially because I am finding myself struggling to explain the entirety of the situation without looking like I’m just being petty, and there’s no need to make an awkward situation worse.

There has been a… complication… with the situation with that last guy. One of those life altering complications. And I believe that it may very well have been the Gods answering my prayer to help me see truth. I no longer have any doubt about the situation with him. No longer am I worried about his opinion.

His reaction was one that was completely heartless, with him ignoring the things he knew (or should have known because I told him) about me, and asking me to do something that would be both emotionally and physically damaging.

And it shocked me! Shocked me because it is counter to everything I thought I knew about him.

But it showed me the truth of who he was. Showed me that it is better to not have him in my life.

My eyes are open now. And I am at peace with my decision to not include him further in this.

Sadly, though, his reaction caused me a great deal of emotional stress, and my body isn’t handling it well.¬†Hopefully a few days in the peace of my hometown (and the solitude of country life) will help put things to right and help calm my body as well as my soul.

I’m mean look at this country morning view! That is good for the soul!




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2 thoughts on “Finding Peace

    1. I never had any intention of getting an abortion. I’m sorry that’s what you inferred from this post. While he asked me if I would, and even offered to pay for me to do IVF at a later date, that doesn’t mesh with my personal beliefs. I believe in fate and destiny, and sometimes an “accident” can be a blessing.

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