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Weekend Coffee Share: Summer School…

This weekend, if we were sharing our lives over a cup of steamy delicious caffeine, mine would be a salted caramel latte. I haven’t had one of those in a very long time, and I’m kind of fiending for one right about now.

But, I will not actually have one today. I have very serious plans not to leave my house.


I’ve been running myself ragged the last few weeks. It’s summer school, and there’s a LOT going on! I have to be at work at 6:30 in the morning to  watch the students for half an hour while they eat breakfast. Then 3 classes at 2 hours each, and my classes are cram packed! We have a 30 minute grammar lesson, followed by a reading lesson and then a writing lesson. Yes, we do all three every day, and so it’s balls to the wall, lightning fast learning.

But we have fun!

After the class, I have half an hour of watching the students while they eat lunch, and then, in theory, all 20 or 30 teachers have half an hour to grade papers and make all of our copies for the next few days… with only one copier.


The result is that sometimes there’s a line for the copier. A long one. And for an English class, where there aren’t books, I have to make at least a class set of 25 for any text I want the students to read. I probably could get books out of the book room, but last time I tried that, I had to climb over a stack of Biology textbooks and a couch on it’s side… as in sitting on the arm. It’s not worth the hassle.

My point being that everyone getting their copies done in half an hour is nearly impossible.

Also, grading English work takes a bit longer than something (like, say, Math) where there is a definite right answer. In English/literature, the answers are subjective, and there’s no wrong answer… so long as you can support your answer with the text. The result is that I often stay late to grade if I’m not staying late to make copies.

There’s never enough time, it seems.


So last week, I had missed work on Thursday, and so I didn’t have all the copies I needed for Monday, and I can’t make myself get up any earlier in order to make copies in the morning… Plus, there seem to always be people using the copier in the morning. I’d rather stay as late as necessary to get it done.

That was fully the plan for Monday: stay late, make copies, grade papers. Come up with a plan for the whole week. Instead, someone from my old school showed up because they thought I still had something of theirs.

Now I’ve been at my new school for 2 years now. Why would I still have anything of theirs? Wouldn’t someone have noticed before now?

So instead of grading anything, or making copies, I had to race home, look through my stuff to find proof I didn’t have what they were looking for, race to the old school and make sure they had it so as to not have to deal with that school any longer.

That place was one of the worst experiences of my life, from start to finish, and I’m glad I never have to deal with that place (hopefully) ever again.


Then Tuesday, I got my copies made, but couldn’t stay as late as I needed to because I went to the movies with friends. We saw Wonder Woman, which I highly recommend!

I wish I had time to go into how amazing that movie was, but it deserves it’s own post and this is space reserved for the weekly coffee share.

But here’s a trailer to pique your interest… in case your interest wasn’t already piqued.

Wednesday, I did stay at the school until nearly 6 pm, leaving after even the administrators. I had papers to grade and grades to put into the computer.

See, Summer School is so short that we have to print progress reports every single Thursday. Meaning grades have to be in the computer before I leave every single Wednesday. And since I do 3 lessons with 3 separate assignments every single day, that’s a lot of grading. It’s a lot of papers to go through, and they get quite disorganized regularly.

But I got it done.

Then Thursday I had lunch with a friend, and something akin to a date that evening. I have another date for tomorrow night scheduled. It’s a double date: me and my guy, and my coworker and her husband. It looks to be a lot of fun, but my social tank is starting to run low. I need a day or two by myself to recuperate from all this running around and doing stuff.

Hence today I managed to not leave my house. And it’s been glorious!


In other news, there are about 4 Tinderfellas still in the queue. One of which finally asked me on a date. Unfortunately, I already had plans, but we’re trying to reschedule. Not sure if I really like him or not, but that’s the purpose of dating, right? To figure out if you like someone?

And my coworker has offered to play matchmaker for me. I still have a teensy bit of hope for the situation I’m currently in, but that dwindles regularly. It’s nice to know that I have options after this is finally over.

It was a good experience, and I had wished it could be permanent, but I also know my worth and know what I deserve; sometimes disappointments are blessings in disguise. Maybe my sole reason for meeting this guy was to help me make connections with someone who could help me meet someone who could actually love me and want something permanent.

And maybe I’m telling myself that to make myself feel better. The world will never know.


Anyway, I hope your life is less stressful than mine. Thanks for following along on the Coffee Share! If you want to participate, you can join the Coffee Share through Nerd in the Brain. See you next week!



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9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Summer School…

  1. I am with you on having a day at home and I loved the cartoon. As a student, you rarely appreciate what goes on behind the scenes. Good luck with the dating scene. I’ve been married for 16 years but I haven’t forgotten the ups and downs of the single life. No such thing as online dating back then, but there were newspaper ads. My experience was that meeting people at parties through friends worked best.That’s how I met my husband at a very small NYE party watching the fireworks over Sydney Harbour.
    xx Rowena

    1. Yeah, I met the guy I’ve been dating (though in theory it’s just about done) through a group of mutual friends. I do have my Tinderfellas, but only one of them has had real promise, and he disappeared. The other who’s interested can’t keep a job, and he knows that’s an issue, but he keeps bringing it up and that’s not a good sign. Fingers crossed things will just work out with the guy I’m dating because he’s just about perfect…

  2. Wow! It sounds like you are having a busy summer! I swear teachers don’t get enough credit for all they do! I hope this week is a bit less hectic!

    1. Thank you! It’s been hectic. I think it would be less so if I didn’t also have some personal stuff going on as well. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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