Just a Quickie…

Update, that is.

When I started this, it was yesterday and nearly my bed time; I’m just now getting back to it while I’m waiting on the Boy to get home… I beat him here. I didn’t get half of the things done that I had wanted to do last night, and tonight will be equally as non-productive, but I wanted to give you a quick update on how things went this weekend. I’ll try to keep it brief, but you know me.


Basically it was nearly a perfect weekend with the Boy. We did go to the Bollywood thing, but not quite as planned. None of the people who were supposed to meet us there ended up going, which of course made me a little sad. It wasn’t any coercion or scheming on his part that kept everyone away. Just coincidence. My friend who was to meet us there was overbooked for Easter weekend activities, and our mutual friends also had other plans that they had scheduled for the same time. I believe it even involved tickets that had been bought, and whereas the Bollywood event was free, I don’t blame them for not making it.

I was a bit disappointed, though, as I had felt like the event was something of our “coming out” as a couple. And we did have a little… I won’t say setback because it ended up moving things forward, I think, but it was a little hiccough for sure.

giphy (4)

After the Bollywood event, we went out for dinner, and I asked him if I’d told him how amazing he was, which, unbeknownst to me, was an inappropriate thing to say. Not because it was wrong, or that he took it the wrong way, but because he (like the Ex) took it to mean that I had feelings stronger than were considered appropriate.

After dinner, while lying in bed, he hit me with that statement, and though it was hard to not start crying, since it was so similar to what had been said by previous guys, I did manage to hold the water works at bay and speak to him about it rationally.

And to prove that he is very unlike the men who have said it in the past, his concern was that his situation would hurt me and thus he didn’t think it was safe for me, and yet after we discussed it, it became apparent that it wasn’t something he was opposed to (my feelings, that is), only that he was worried I could get hurt if things go wrong.

He wasn’t (as the Ex would say) “capitulating” to my demands of moving forward with this.

As a reminder of what capitulate means, it involves surrender, particularly to an unwanted demand.


I didn’t get the impression that he felt I was being pushy or that he didn’t want to continue. Instead, I got quite the opposite impression because he directly said he was glad we had the conversation and then promptly invited me to a thing he’d been invited to by some of our mutual friends.

Thus, my Easter Sunday was spent on a double date with the Boy as boyfriend/lover/partner/what-have-you, and another couple.


And tonight we’re obviously getting together again, keeping to our basically twice a week schedule of seeing each other.

We’re about to slide into our fourth month of dating, and things don’t seem to be slowing down much. Other than the two times he’s wanted to talk to me about the possible fallout if things end badly (emphasis on if as opposed to when), we’ve not had a fight, or an argument. He’s been nothing but supportive of me and my decisions/problems that I’ve faced this year, and he even told me I was beautiful while I was getting ready for the double date on Sunday.

Well, I set him up so he could say it, some would even call it fishing for a compliment, but unlike some of the guys in the past (yes, including the Ex), he didn’t call me out on seeking a compliment and simply told me that yes I was beautiful.


It’s been good for my ego, and so have the random Twitter and Snapchat “friends” who’ve recently decided to add me for the purposes of flirtation… or something.

It began with a Snapchat friend request (or whatever they’re called on there), and this guy immediately wanted to know if I would promise not to send his dick pics to Instagram. I told him I couldn’t promise that in the hopes that it would scare him off. Instead, he sent me pics of a micro-penis. Not sure if it was his or not, but I told him “Thank you for making things awkward,” and then blocked him.

I had 3 other guys add me shortly thereafter, and I was too naive to realize most of them were just after the same thing.

giphy (5).gif

But they’re still not as bad as the 15 year old Brit who decided to send me a disgusting request while pretending to be one of my students who supposedly looked me up on Twitter (since it wasn’t my teacher account). When I told him “no” and blocked him, he opened a second account. When I rejected him a second time (and blocked him again), he tried a third time, and sent me videos of himself, which I did NOT look at… well I looked at one that was of his mouth hoping I could figure out if it was actually one of my students, because I wanted to report that craziness before it became even weirder than it was.

No luck. Partially because he didn’t say anything; he just made spit bubbles like a teething infant and then let spit slowly drip out of his mouth. When did spit become something that was supposed to be sexy?

And then I realized I didn’t recognize him because he wasn’t one of my kids, but rather a British kid. No American kid (or at least no Texan kid) says he wanks himself… Plus, he had pics of London on his twitter feed.

I blocked him, flagged the messages. reported him to Twitter, and told him he was harassing me, so there is definitely a record of me protesting his behavior. Hopefully it won’t come to charges (haven’t heard from him since), but Twitter has the evidence if it does. (I’ve deleted everything!)

But that’s all the new stuff in my life. Hope things are as beautiful, but less hectic in yours!

Until next time!


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