Weekend Coffee Share: Sunny Days!

If ever I needed proof that my mood is attached to the weather, today might be the day to prove it to me!

I feel amazing, and it just so happens to be gorgeous outside! A little on the warm side, although, if the temperature were the same in, say… 2 months, I’d probably tell you it was a cool day. And not only is it gorgeous, but things are finally looking up in my world.

So, if we were talking over coffee this afternoon (I’m way ahead on the Coffee Share this week), I’d tell you that this week has been mostly ups… Though it definitely started a little low.

But I already talked about the negatives, and today has been full of positives! Not only is the new car turning out to be much nicer than I first thought (still not happy about needing an aux cord), but they weren’t kidding about the gas mileage! Today took me all across town and the needle hardly budged! And to think, I had been worried about not getting a hybrid, or an electric car; I still want a Tesla, though…


And in other news, I had a job interview today.

It’s in the district I would really like to be in. It’s very close to the Boy’s apartment… both Boys, actually. It’s a very creative position, and a leadership role at that!

If I get it… No… when I get it, I’ll be close to my book club girls again, and my Geeky guys. I’ll be less than 20 minutes (even with traffic) from the Boy’s apartment, and near some of my favorite restaurants again!

It will be amazing! And I do really think I have a good shot at getting it. I felt so good about it that I even drank me a margarita with my (very late) lunch!


So, this week has me in a new car, and possibly a new job all at once.

I can’t help but notice some of the similarities to experiences in my past. For instance, with my first teaching job, I got the house and the job in the same day. This time, to get a new car and possibly a new job in the same week feels similar. Also, it’s really close to an apartment I had been interested in before… or, like I said, it is close to the Boy’s place, so sleepovers won’t be such a big deal anymore.

I think I might be taking a slight pay cut, like maybe $2K a year, but to be closer to my support group, in a part of town that I’m comfortable and familiar with makes up for it.

Plus, that’s assuming I don’t get some sort of stipend for this job.


The school is wanting to do something special with their ESL newcomers, and when the interviewer spoke about the position, she specifically said they were looking for an ELA lead, as in team leader type.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, because I think I’d be good at it. Not as good as some, but when I’m focused and happy, I become particularly good with things like scheduling and problem solving. My biggest downfall is the paperwork, but it sounds like I’d be dealing with much smaller class sizes which would make that easier (I rarely had a problem keeping up when I was at a smaller school).

And these people seem to value non-conventional and creative lesson planning. So my style of teaching fits perfectly!


The biggest deterrent? I’m not fluently bilingual, which isn’t 100% necessary for teaching ESL to beginners, but it surely helps.

On the other hand, she said she was excited to see my level of experience, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

This was only the first round of interviews, and I am a bit concerned that they might want someone who is more fluent in Spanish, although I can make due. She promised to call me within 2 weeks to let me know one way or the other, but she was smiling.

Fingers crossed…


In other news, leaving the restaurant after lunch (or whatever you call the thing between lunch and dinner), a guy hit on me. That doesn’t happen often. It really doesn’t.

He told me I was a very beautiful woman, and I thanked him. It definitely made me smile! Then he turned around and asked, “Single, boyfriend, or married?”

When I told him I was sorry, but I had a boyfriend, he responded with “so am I.”

It was sweet and respectful, made my day, and was in no way awkward.

Why can’t more experiences be like that?!

Now I’m waiting for the Boy to get off of work so I can tell him all the nitty gritty details of the possible job, and possibly talk him into taking me out for a nice dinner before he manages to sweet talk me  out of my apparently beautiful outfit…


Things are looking up indeed!

I hope things are as swell in your neck of the woods! I’m out of things to say, which is rare, and I’ve still got another half hour before I can actually go to the Boy’s house…

See you next week for the coffee share!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Sunny Days!

    • Oh that would be a wonderful experience! I’m a little bit jealous… But thank you! I could use as much positive energy as you can spare to bring me some good luck. 🙂

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