Just surviving this week…

That would be an understatement.

Two mornings in a row, I got up with big plans for the day, only to be thwarted by my body, and then today I was busier than a one-armed paper-hanger!

Monday, I had a heck of a migraine, and while I tried to muscle through, it won for the first half of the day. The second half of the day, I tried to fix my car situation. This put me on the phone for a couple hours dealing with people… not fun when my brain was still aching in spots. But I thought I’d gotten it worked out, so I hopped into the rental (that’s costing me, oh, about $200 a week) and headed in the direction of where the new car should be.


I didn’t quite make it.

I stopped at a friend’s house, thinking that I’d avoid the worst part of the traffic and be close when they called to tell me I could come pick it up.

Instead, I think I got hold of some bad nacho cheese. It was the store bought kind, but I didn’t notice (until I went to close it) that there was mold on the lid. I’d noticed it didn’t quite taste right, but it was store bought and not the brand I like, so I didn’t think too much of it.

And meanwhile, they didn’t call, and no one is willing to talk to me from that dealership.

For the record, Do NOT go to David McDavid Nissan. They lied to me about being pre-approved just to get me into the building, and then kept me there for 4 hours on Saturday and never showed me a single car. Then came back and told me that I wasn’t a “Saturday deal,” which was insulting, but I knew my situation was… precarious given that on paper it still shows that the old car exists, even though it was totaled.


I was promised a phone call on Monday to give me an update, and I had to call, and was given enough of a run around that I think if I’d been feeling 100%, I would have realized something was wrong. Then again, the man told me they’d call on Monday, and so I thought that was a good sign. Instead, he was obviously just trying to get me out of the building.

But I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and it led to me getting some sort of tummy thing. And they still haven’t called me back, even though I left many messages.

The tummy thing may be in my head, but I don’t think so. Yesterday morning, my tummy was mad at me, and it is just getting back to normal today.


At first I thought I was just having a panic attack and my stomach was upset, I tried to ignore it. I had too much to do to be stuck in that condition. But it hit me in the middle of my shower and I was in that position longer than I’d liked to admit.

I ended up only eating a couple of slices of toast and a handful of crackers all day. Didn’t even feel hungry when I went to sleep, though I woke up feeling a bit famished.

I made the mistake of eating real food at lunch today, and not quite an hour afterwards was back in the bathroom again, but for not as long. And I have since eaten a real dinner, and I feel relatively ok.

Then again it hasn’t quite been an hour yet…


We’ll see if I can make it through the night.

But really, none of that is the biggest news…

The biggest news is that (even with the fiasco at David McDavid Nissan) I finally got out of that God-forsaken rental car!! My dad co-signed for me (a relatively big deal since he rarely does anything for any of the family), and I was able to take the car home last night.


Now, I have to be honest and admit it probably wouldn’t have been the car I’d choose if I’d had some time to really do the research, but I just needed out of the stupid rental. I rushed and this one doesn’t have a few of the bells and whistles I’m used to. For instance, I need an aux cord instead of being able to just listen to Spotify through the Bluetooth. And the rental car (as expensive as the stupid thing was) had one of those backup cameras, and I think I’ve gotten a little used to it… I almost forgot to look behind me just earlier today.

But, I’ve got to give it to the guys (especially Christian Mata) at Robbins Nissan for working with me and helping me to get into a car. My credit isn’t great, and (like I said earlier) the paperwork still shows the old car as still under my name (even though it was totaled and no longer even exists), but they made it happen.

And it is a really good looking car!

It’s a start.


Getting out of the rental car was the beginning to getting my world back on track.

Then, today, amongst a half a dozen after school meetings, I gave my first tutoring lesson with the after school program . It’s not much, but it is about an extra $100 a week, and right now, every little bit helps to get me back in a positive direction.

The way I figure it, after I get my tax return back (or the back pay from them not paying me for my full years of service), I’ll be back on a forward moving financial path. I figure I’ll be able to move into my own apartment by the end of June, which means I can have my dog back, and I’ll finally feel like a fully functioning adult again.

But this week has been a lot of just surviving. Even though it’s positive movement, it’s particularly hectic, and I’ve got an appointment Friday that’s going to help me make a lot of decisions about where I’m going to go from here.

I’ll tell you more after I’ve got some more details. I just needed to tell someone about how things are in my life and the Boy has been sick, so we haven’t spoken much. Just know that Friday could be a very big deal, or just a blip. Don’t know yet. Fingers crossed it’s good news.



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First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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