A New Name…

So I was having lunch with the Old Boy yesterday and he asked me what the New Boy’s name was… I think perhaps it amuses him that everyone gets a nickname. But I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the guy I’m currently seeing (not sure dating is the right word… not sure what we’re doing to be perfectly honest) had stolen his name.

I don’t know why I thought it would bother him. I mean, after all, he didn’t like the nickname in the first place. He didn’t understand the significance of it. He thought it was meant in a derogatory sense, or some such.

Admittedly, I should have thought about the racial connotations of such a thing, but that was not how it was meant! And if he’d known anything about me at the time, he’d have realized that, but for some reason he seems to always assume that I have the worst intentions.

Especially with names.


So, now I’m seeing this New Boy, and he’s practically perfect. He’s so smart that he intimidates me, so tall that I have to get on my tip toes to kiss him, so loving that after seeing him for even a short visit, I have his smell on me just because of the amount of closeness he requires…

In short, he’s practically perfect in every way.


And now I’m tasked with coming up with a nickname for him.

At first, I’d thought that it was going to be difficult to come up with a name for him because we had agreed that we wouldn’t tell our mutual friends that we were seeing each other right away (rather I thought right away… he may have meant ever). Any of the nicknames that seemed appropriate at the time might have given it away to any of our mutual friends who read this blog.

But the time has come to make a decision about his nickname


Do I need to come up with a new nickname for him?

Do I base it off some physical feature, like his glorious height? Or the way he smells, which sends me into a tailspin as much, if not more than the Old Boy? Or his perfectly plump lips, with the small scar on one corner that are oh so kissable?

Or do I base it off of some facet of his personality? Do I name him based on his massive intelligence? Or his crazy all meat and cheese “Keto” diet? Or the way he pulls me in a lovingly sensual embrace, even when we’re just sitting on the couch watching the news?

Can I mix and match some facet of those things?

I’m afraid that to pick the wrong name would not do him justice. Even though Shakespeare insisted that it wouldn’t make a difference, names have power. Ask anyone who’s Wiccan or Pagan and they’ll tell you there’s a great deal of power in a name. Catholics, too. Think back to any movie about exorcism, and isn’t there the idea that knowing the name of a demon gives you some level of power over it?

For that matter, ask any woman!


Names are important and choosing the wrong one could be devastating…

Some part of me wishes I could just keep calling him The Boy. While it might dishonor the Old Boy somewhat (though I’m not convinced of that either), it feels more true. I had given the Old Boy that nickname because he seemed to perfectly embody the traits I wanted in a man. He was intelligent, kind, funny, driven, and idealistic about his job, and his job was one of innovation, discovery, and mystery (mostly because he never fully explained what he did).

And let’s not forget about the romantic aspect of him! He smelled to me like the embodiment of sex! Plus he made me feel things I’d not felt before during certain activities. He is, after all, exceptionally gifted/blessed…


But the New Boy has most of those attributes as well:

  • He has multiple degrees, so he’s definitely intelligent.
  • I get his sense of humor and it isn’t as sarcastic as the Old Boy (who, on more than one occasion, made me the butt of his jokes… just yesterday he did it at least twice, as a matter of fact).
  • He loves animals, which shows just how kind he is. For example, there was a stray cat that was mewing near his door, and he invited it in to be fed. Who does that?
  • He occasionally works late to get things done for work, and on weekends, too. We had to postpone a date one weekend because he had to finish a project and he was certain he wouldn’t get it done if I was there. So is he driven? Yep.
  • And his job is actually innovation. Best I can tell, his job is to be part of the think tank for his company, and occasionally explain what they do to other people. He presented me with a powerpoint he’d given for a presentation the other day, and explained in detail what he did. Afterwards, he’d said he was impressed with what I remembered. It was interesting, but would be my version of hell if I had to remember all of it, or do the math.

I think he meets my qualifications for an Intellectual Alpha Male!


And the other stuff? It’s at least as good, if not better.

His smell is equally as intoxicating, and while he may not be as blessed, he has greater stamina and more desire to play. He likes to make sure that I’m happy and then occasionally takes a break to snuggle and talk with me, before he decides to run his hands all over my skin and start things all over again.

And he’ll do that 3 or 4 times sometimes before allowing himself a release… or, conversely, he’ll allow himself 3 or 4 separate bursts of joy in a night.

To put it another way, he makes me tap out on a regular basis, even though I’m not sure he’s aware of it.


He is more the Boy as I meant it than the Old Boy ever was!

But I am conflicted about it. Perhaps the nickname has been sullied somewhat because I used it too soon and on the wrong person. Perhaps it was never a good enough nickname anyhow.

I don’t know.

I definitely could use some suggestions about a new nickname, if anyone’s got any ideas…



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