Weekend Coffee Share: Sleepover

This weekend, if we were sharing about our lives over coffee, we’d be doing it with wine instead, while watching the Oscars. My weekend was a bit out of sorts, but in a mostly good way. Friday evening I got back into a weekly tradition with some of the girls from work that I’ve missed, so I couldn’t write Friday night.

And yesterday was a continuous back and forth of hurry up and wait. I allowed myself to sleep in, took a leisurely bath so I could make my legs good and smooth, then raced to get my nails done, only to have to wait… for 4 hours… until they were done. All so I could be ready for date night with the New Boy.


Date night. An official date night. And the second one this week!

We went out on Wednesday night for an advanced screening of Get Out. We met in a part of town that is a longish way for me, and it was just the movie (dinner included, since it was at the Alamo Drafthouse), and then we parted ways.

But it was still sweet, and practically perfect in every way.

I know I was fighting a cold, and I think he was as well, but, even though I was late, he kissed me when I showed up. He held my hand during the film, and, though it wasn’t entirely intentional, he walked me to my car afterwards, and kissed me good night.

It was a good date, and a great movie!

If you’re not familiar with the story, it’s the directorial debut of Jordan Peele, as in the comedians Key and Peele, and his comedic background shines in this film, even though it’s horror. A friend of mine said it was a great example of how to do a Genre Bending film, as it has comedy, horror, and even some science fiction elements to it.

I found it to be a little predictable in spots, particularly if you’re familiar with Peele’s comedy. For example, by the end of it, I could predict the lines spoken by the TSA agent character (the best friend of the main character).

On the other hand, there were definitely some surprises, like there were a couple of times when I thought a rescue would be coming from a character that later was definitely an enemy and vice versa.


The story is about a young black man who is dating a white woman and he goes home with her to meet her family, and there is something not quite right about the town and the other people in the area, almost all of which are rich, stuffy, privileged white people. It seems very likely that the young man won’t be going home again.

It reminded me of the time I took my ex, the one who made Valentine’s Day so special all those years ago, home to meet my parents. While my family isn’t full of weird people who want to appropriate more than just black culture, as we got further into the country, my ex did specifically ask if he should be worried that he’d end up on the wrong end of a rope…

His exact quote was, “Should I let them know at work that, if I’m not there on Monday, I’m probably swinging from a tree somewhere?”

At the time, I thought it was a horribly off-color joke (pun not intended), but through the years, I’ve learned perhaps there was more to his fear than I could understand at the time.


But I digress.

I probably should have written a whole post about that movie.

Back to the New Boy and the weekend date.

He went with me to see a contest that some of my students were in. Let me repeat that: The New Boy went with me to a school event to support my students. And when I asked him if he was sure, because if he didn’t want to go, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings, he responded by telling me he was “an adult” and he would tell me if he didn’t want to go.

I was beyond shocked that he’d even agreed in the first place! For one thing, we’ve seen each other about twice a week every week for about the past month. This is about the time when the guys who are just looking for a little bit of fun tend to disappear. Instead, he went with me to watch my kids in a Step Show (like in Stomp the Yard).

And then he invited me back to his place for Thai food and a movie. We’ve been watching (very slowly) the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Netflix. That version has all three books, and is done as a six part series. And, if I may say so, is way better than the English version.

It’s just become comfortable to hang out with the New Boy. There’s almost no awkwardness, even when I do something awkward. Like I tripped over his scale that was in the bathroom, and while I felt particularly awkward, he only laughed with me.

And he deals with me asking completely random questions. He tells me about his life before he lived in this part of the world, while running his fingers along my arm, or my leg. The way he touches me is sensual and yet completely natural. Every now and then I imagine what life would be like with all of my days filled with those touches.

I know it’s not safe to think about, since his situation is still… complicated, but everything seems so natural and comfortable that it’s almost impossible not to occasionally think of the possibilities.

More than that, I’m just enjoying the comfortableness. The way it just feels good. The way, even though I know it is complicated, it feels completely uncomplicated. Like I know exactly what is going on and what will happen.

I spent the night, and, though there were a million things that should have kept me awake, I slept well, only waking up once to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, unlike my usual 3 or 4 times.


And in the morning, I made breakfast tacos, and we laughed and joked and had a really great morning.

Yeah, I’m more smitten than I should be. And I don’t even care if it’s a bad idea. I’m enjoying this too much to be sad or worried about what happens next. I’ll just enjoy this and see what happens next.

Keep your fingers crossed that it continues to be awesome!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Sleepover

  1. You are the second one in the coffee share to mention “Get Out”… though I’m not a fan of horror, I admit seeing Catherine Keener and Daniel Kaluuya (whom I’Ve just discovered through Black Mirror), I may take a chance…
    So happy thing are going well for you and The Boy. I hope his complications, uncomplicate!!

    • It’s a really good movie, and not nearly as scary as most horror flicks. It’s mostly jump scares and a little psychological mind f*ck. Definitely go and check it out! And Kaluuya’s work in Black Mirror was what made me decide to go see Get Out. I was not disappointed!

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