The Time for Beginnings

There is just something about New Year’s that gets the blood pumping and the brain working overtime on new ideas. We make these resolutions (that we rarely keep, but that doesn’t stop us, does it?), and we determine to do something new, or to restart something not so new, and all because the days on a calendar suddenly change.

It’s strange if you really think about it. Time doesn’t exactly exist. I mean, most animals don’t recognize a watch or clock, and definitely not a calendar, but anyone who has pets knows that they can become very aware of the time if you feed them at exactly the same time every day. Even though they can’t read a clock, they can sense that it’s dinner time, and they’ll let you know about it if you “forget!”


I’m thinking about my grandmother’s dogs in particular. They know exactly when dinner time is supposed to be, and they will go into their cages, or stare at you at about 5 to 10 minutes to their feeding time. And if you’re late, they’ll bark at you to get your attention.

So maybe the human fascination with fresh starts around this time of year isn’t so strange. Maybe our instinctive clock is more set to seasons than to individual hours.

Who knows?

What I do know is that I’m not immune to this sensation of a new beginning for this year. I’ve read in several posts that this is the year to get rid of “fuckboys,” guys who are looking for just sex and aren’t willing to respect you in any capacity even if they get what they’re after.

Mr. Quiet was definitely one of those, and hence he’s gone. Sometimes Guy may be one of those, too, but as I’ve said, I think there’s potential for more. The man did say he reserved kisses for love and romance, and yet he willingly gave me a kiss as we parted on our rendezvous over New Year’s Eve.


If he turns out to be a fuckboy, I won’t be keeping him around for long, because this is the year that I intend to regain my strength and self-confidence.

I’ve talked before about how I used to be more free, and as such, I was much happier as well. It was a time in my life when people were interested in me, and just me… though in hindsight, many of those people were still just looking for sex. The difference was that they actually would take me out and treat  me with at least a small modicum of respect in order to obtain their goal!

Men these days seriously think that a woman who expects respect and who points out disrespectful behavior is one who “brings drama,” as Mr. Quiet has told me.

Yeah, I’ll admit that there is always a bit of drama that happens. It hangs around me like an emotional fog, but it’s not like I seek it out.

At least I don’t think I do…


But that drama that follows me, or at least that I keep finding, isn’t solely my fault. Think about how things went down with Mr. Quiet. After much consideration, and wasted mental energy, I’ve come to the conclusion that his issue was that he was talking to more than one person, obviously all girls, and he sent me his address when he meant to send it to another girl, otherwise, why come up with some lame excuse that he wasn’t home?

But we’re not going to dwell on that. It’s his loss, right?

The result, however (and which is the most important part, I think) is that I’ve decided only to talk to guys who show an active interest, that means no canceling at the last minute, or stringing me along the way Mr. Quiet and the Boy both did in the past. This new me is turning over a new leaf, and beginning to search for actual dating partners, as opposed to the guys looking for a hookup.

And that’s only one new beginning for me that I feel is a result of 2017!


I’m also paying more attention to my health. With the new year, I’ve started a new exercise regimen. I thought I’d try one of those 30 day challenges. I talked myself into not just one, but three of those 30 day challenges. Right now I’m doing some rather simple exercises: situps/crunches/squats, and tricep dips, and pushups.

I figured those would give me the best overall workout, even though it doesn’t exactly have any cardio in it per se. I’ve made it through the first two days. Go me!

I’ve also started one of those Instagram photo challenges. Today was to post something blurry, so I posted pics of my totally geeky Doctor Who stuff collection with a few filters and things applied to it.


I’ve started eating healthier, and I’m already ahead for my work for the school (yeah, that started back today…), I’ve begun a bit of writing again (as you might have noticed), and I’m trying to be more responsible… we’ll see if that holds.

But the most important new beginning for me this year, or at least right now for me, is that we’re bringing back the #JustAddTea Twitter Chat. As I said before, I’ve missed it, and now we’re going to meet at or around 11 AM on Sunday mornings. That’s Central Time, in case you were wondering.

And in honor of the New Year and all of our internal clocks preparing to start fresh, our first topic for this year will be about beginnings! 

What are some of the new beginnings you plan to do this year? Come join us this Sunday at 11 AM, CST. And if you’re an early riser and need something else to keep you occupied while you wait, you can always come join us for the 10 AM #WritersPatch chat. It might be a thing worth starting…


Here’s to new beginnings of all shapes and sizes!

About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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