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Just checking in…

So you just missed #JustAddTea. It was a good one.

I know I’m doing this a little backwards, but I didn’t have time to post before. I didn’t leave the school until 7:45… Only giving me 15 minutes to race to my diner for #JustAddTea on Twitter tonight.

I guess it’s safe to say I’m not quite back on schedule yet.

I want to thank some of my fellow #Iggles for joining me as we discussed Beauty and a mini side discussion on Disney princesses…. which led to me deciding that next week our #JustAddTea will be ALL about Disney stuff. An all things Disney #Just AddTea. 


I think it’ll go over well.

Meanwhile, I wanted to just go through a quick discussion of what’s happening in Lizland, since I’m at my diner and my waiter hasn’t brought me the check yet. It’s not one of my usual people…And he’s definitely not very good. My tea ran out. Twice. His replacement just noticed and already has a new tea for me, and my check… which my waiter was going to bring to me about 30 minutes ago.

Plus I ordered a burger and I got a chicken sandwich.

Maybe he’s like the Pirate and wanted to help me make healthier choices… Or maybe he wasn’t paying attention when I was talking to him.


I think Goodreads Guy would say it was because he was busy thinking dirty thoughts about me. We’ve been talking pretty regular, which is a wee bit strange since I know he’s too young for me. He’s nearly 10 years younger than me, and that is odd for me. Another odd thing: he likes to call me by my teacher name. And then last night told me that he’s not entirely comfortable telling me things because he says things that he thinks are tame make me uncomfortable.

The only thing he’s said that makes me uncomfortable, truly uncomfortable, is that he is adamant that my male students (and some of my female ones as well) are probably having wild sexual fantasies about me.

Yeah, that makes me uncomfortable. I think of them as my children, and incense is not a thing I like, but he likes that he can play the hot teacher fantasy with me. He’s safely in… somewhere not here… Philly, I think. And, just so we’re clear that I’m not some sort of pedophile, he’s over 25. Not much over 25, but he is over 25.

It does, however, give him a better chance of getting me to play the sexy teacher fantasy with him, if we ever meet. Unlike the guy who I didn’t even save his name or pictures, he’s nearly a decade younger than me (the other guy was only a year or two younger, if I remember correctly), and if I’d started teaching right out of college, it would have been possible that I could have been his teacher.

And yes, that thought does gross me out.


In other news, I got back on Tinder. Mostly because I was feeling a wee bit sad for myself given my current not quite stable situation.

Yes, school is going great, and I’m in a good place to sleep… but that place is temporary. I have an idea of where I’d like to go, but because of my slew of financial problems the last couple of years, I’m not sure if I can even get into a decent apartment… which is why I was just renting a room in the first place.

Some of the people at work keep telling me I just need to move into my own place, like such a thing just happens. It doesn’t just happen if you have bad credit, and as I think I told you guys before, my credit score has dropped 150 points since my bank account was tampered with in May.

Part of me thinks I’d feel better if I had someone to lean on a little bit. Hence, back to Tinder I go, even though I know the comfort I’d get from those guys isn’t exactly sincere emotional support.


Almost to prove my point, I ran across the Bartender’s new profile.

When we quit talking (because he dumped me because I gave him the strength to fix his marriage… the marriage he had told me he was getting out of and had already filed a divorce) he said he’d never done anything like Tinder before. He told me that, in fact, I was the first person he’d actually met face to face on there and he’d never do it again because of how it ended with us.

And yet, he’s back on Tinder again.

Still cheating on his wife, I assume.



Most of my time, however, is spent at the school. Like I said, tonight I was there until 7:45, which meant I spent over 12 hours in that building, and I have to be back before 7 tomorrow.

But I’ve got almost all my papers graded, and I have my physical gradebook set up so I can keep track in a way that lets me show the kids their grades without breaking confidentiality.

One of the problems I had last year was that I didn’t know how to show the kids their individual grades without showing them the grades of everyone else in the class. A physical gradebook allows me to cover the other grades.

I mean, I suppose I could have covered them on the computer, but it’s a lot of work… Or at least it’s complicated in my head. It might have been simpler than I think.


Or not.

Either way, I feel like I’m still doing well. I’m more organized this year. I’ve already made parent phone calls, all positive ones so far. My hope is that the students will start acting better in the hopes of getting a good call. My plan this year is all positive reinforcement… until I have to resort to the negative. I’ve had to move a few students and have a stern talking to to a few others, but mostly I see my positive reinforcement working.

Hopefully it will continue.

And that’s the update! I meant this to be short, but as usual, it’s not.

I’m going to go home now.

Remember to join the chat next Thursday when we discuss all things Disney on #JustAddTea!



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