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Weekend Coffee Share: Inservice.

If we were talking over coffee today, my eyes would probably be red and bloodshot from crying…

This is the last Sunday before Inservice begins. If you’re looking at that word and not sure what it means, you must not be a teacher. Or it’s an outdated word and I’m aging myself. Whatever. The point is, my summer is officially over after today.


Tomorrow is the beginning of the school year for this teacher, and this summer has been a lot of things, though I’m not exactly sure that I’d say “relaxing” was one of them. I dated a boy, deleted and re-installed Tinder a handful of times hoping for some great summer romance, moved, and played a lot of Sims. Since Sims 4 came out, I’ve clocked over 3,000 hours.

Don’t tell me Sims players aren’t serious gamers…


I did manage to go to the beach a couple of times, and I saw a handful of really great movies, though, sad to say, I didn’t review most of them. My whole schedule has been out of whack a bit.

Part of it is being in a new house.

Well, a new room in somebody else’s house.

If you’ll remember, I was renting a pretty fantastic room and had some pretty fantastic roommates, but then the guy sold the house, and a couple of us had to leave. Leaving was a mess, made doubly frustrating because it was the weekend before the last week of school.

That and the guy threatened to call the cops if I ever came by to get my mail ever again. Asshole.

The house I’m in now is very different. It’s not as quiet, there’s less emphasis on separating stuff (like food). It’s more like a family… mostly because it is a family! I’m the only one living here who is NOT part of the family.


It’s been interesting to say the least.

Meanwhile, in the rest of my life, there have been a couple of crises, the latest of which is all but fixed, and hopefully all will be back to normal no later than Tuesday. It really needs to be fixed by Tuesday because I have a date.

In theory, that is. We’ve rescheduled three times already.

Yes, it’s a new Tinderfella. And no, I don’t really think it’s going to go well, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s been especially accommodating and when I told him I was an Aspie, he wasn’t weirded out by it. He’s a scoutmaster for a boy scout troop, or something, and he’s got 2 kiddos that are autistic in his troop, so he knows about it, and thus has told me that we can go as slow as I need to be comfortable.

I’m not entirely sure why, but his insistence that we go at a speed comfortable for me, even when that means that I canceled on him 2 days in a row, when we haven’t even spoken over the phone yet, makes me a bit nervous. Like he’s too easy going. And he, like the teacher, has said a couple of times about how super excited he is to meet me…


It’s that whole too eager thing. The third time, he rescheduled, though if he hadn’t, I probably would have.

I was not feeling well yesterday. Friday was a bit of an emotional roller coaster as I was waiting on something all day, and twice it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. It all worked out in the end, but yesterday I felt like I’d run a marathon and was tired all day long.

I’m actually still recovering a bit today as well.


This new guy looks a little like one of my friends’ kid. Not that he looks young, but that his smile reminds me of the son of a friend of mine, and that’s weird. I hadn’t seen that particular pic when I swiped right, or else I probably wouldn’t have done so. It’s a small thing, and probably really superficial of me to even think of such a thing, but still…

And it could have been the angle or the lighting, or half a dozen other tiny things. More troublesome than that is that the conversation is very stilted. There’s not that easy back and forth, like I’d had with the Boy or the Bartender. Even the Pirate was able to keep the conversation rolling better than this, and he only ever wanted a conversation with himself anyhow!

I’m giving him a pass on that because we both admitted we weren’t good with text conversations. We’ll see how he fares in person, but I’m not hopeful.

As such, I’m not giving him a nickname until he makes it to at least date three. I don’t want another repeat of the Transcendentalist, where I was super excited and expected great things, but we barely made it through one date.


Still haven’t heard from him, by the way.

So I’m not sure what to expect from this new guy. Will he be as sweet in person as he is via text? Or is he the bait and switch type? As in, will he be a total douche when we meet in person? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m spending the rest of today as lazily as possible, since my official summer break is over as of tomorrow and I’m exhausted. Here’s hoping this exhaustion is gone by tomorrow!

That’s all on this end. Hope your life is going well. See you next week.



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