Tonight on #JustAddTea: Money!

I’m still not quite back on my normal schedule yet… Or else this would have posted about 4 hours ago. However, we will have our weekly Twitter chat this week, where we’ll be talking about Money!!

You know, that stuff that makes the world go round, as they say.


I was inspired to do this one for a couple of reasons. First of all, as I’ve discussed a couple times on here, I suck at all things financial, so I was hoping to get a few pointers perhaps, or at least spark an interesting discussion. I’m thinking things like, what’s the best way to stick to a budget? Or how do you reward yourself for sticking to your budget? Things like that. My biggest problem is that I really need someone (other than myself) to tell me what my budget is. I need to not be able to see my own money, except what I’m allowed to spend… and that is hard when I am the one in charge of my own finances.

I’ve tried three times now to open a savings account so that I could put some of my money away for a rainy day, but it rains more than it is sunny in my financial world.


The second inspiration comes from, as unlikely as it may seem, politics.

I don’t talk politics on here much, other than to express my strong aversion to Donald Trump. I seriously think this man may be that third anti-Christ that Nostradamus predicted. If Napoleon was the first, and Hitler the second, Trump fits the bill to be the third.

Hitler… I mean Trump… aside, the big topic for this election has been money. Again, hear me out before you tell me I’m wrong. Trump keeps making gargantuan claims about how he will handle immigration and terrorism. Those are the only two issues he’s even remotely discussed having a plan for, and both of those, his plan has been absolutely appalling.

He basically plans to bomb and torture everyone who might be a terrorist. Not sure what the cost of a bomb is, but I imagine it’s not cheap, so that’s a bad plan.


Not to mention, probably breaks several human rights violations and would make us the enemy of most of the world.

And then, building a wall and deporting over a billion people? Not likely to be approved by anyone, first of all. Secondly, it’s fiscally unsound. I don’t care what he says about getting Mexico to pay for it, unless he’s planning on starting a war with Mexico and threatening them with nuclear weapons, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll do such a thing. And again, starting a war over an unnecessary wall probably puts us on the radar of the UN and the rest of the world. Makes us a target.

So, then, how is he going to pay for it?

More than four months ago, John Olliver pointed out just how expensive (and ridiculous) the wall would be.

So. Then let’s look at some of the other candidates. And yes, I did say candidates plural.

Yeah, yeah, I know. The primaries are over, and the Republican candidate is Trump, while the Democratic candidate is Hillary. Those are the only choices we have, if you listen to the conventional media. We’ve always voted for the lesser evil, so why change things now?

And that’s exactly why I want to look at the other options.

Actually, I really only want to look at one option: Gary Johnson.


Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. It was a while ago, and before the recession, but during his time as governor, he managed to lower spending, promote job growth (though he doesn’t claim that: “governments don’t create jobs…”), and create a $1 Billion surplus. He has been described as the most popular governor of New Mexico, or at least in that decade, and he’s now running for president on the Libertarian ticket.

He ran as a Republican in a predominantly Democrat state, and won.


That says a lot to me. And all those really cool things he managed, including that $1 Billion surplus, he did without raising taxes . He made a promise  to lower spending and he stuck to them as best he could, subsequently making him officially the governor with the highest veto record. It’s been said that when someone would come to him with an idea for a bill, his first question would be “should the government be involved in that?”

I’m pretty impressed with him.

His running mate has a similar track record, which makes sense since William Weld has economic degrees from Harvard and Oxford. Does he reek of privilege? Yeah, but he’s doing something with it, it seems.


It’s Gary that I really like, though.

I’ve been keeping up with him since I found out he was running, and I feel that he’s a strong contender.

He’s fiscally conservative, and yet socially liberal.

Yeah, that makes him a Libertarian, but something has to give! I don’t feel confident in either of the other two candidates, and I recently saw statistics that showed that over 50% of people who are voting for them (on both sides) have said that the only reason they are voting for the candidate they chose was to keep the other out of office.

Over 50% of the public is choosing the president of the free nation based on simply keeping the other person out of office… Does that seem right to you?


I’ve been on a bit of a rant about it with some friends of mine today. They’ve suggested I get involved at the local level to help out and promote his campaign, that I should become one of the foot soldiers in the Libertarian Revolution that was basically started by Ron Paul several years ago.

I have my opinions about him as well. Opinions like, if you go back to 2008 and listen to Ron Paul’s message, and then listen to Obama’s campaign, you’ll realize that they’re really identical… only Ron Paul said it first and called it a Revolution. Obama picked up the mantle of “Change” after it seemed obvious that Ron Paul wouldn’t be the Republican candidate.

(And then Bernie said it with more gusto this election…)

I’m not saying Obama hasn’t done a good job, just that a really great candidate was ignored because he had the term Libertarian attached to him, and now the Libertarian party may be our only hope.


And boy, are the memes wild for this guy!

It’s pretty good advertising, if you ask me…

So, yeah, I’ll do my part. I’ll spread the word as best I can, but I have my own financial crisis to deal with at the moment.

And I’m still trying to figure out this whole Aspie thing. Three times in the last 48 hours I’ve caught myself not getting a joke or sarcasm, and having to stop myself before I got angry because I realized a thing was a joke, and not an actual attack on my character.

That’s progress.

In fact, I may have to concede that some of the stuff I took as gaslighting by the Boy may actually have just been my inability to gauge his sarcasm. He speaks primarily in sarcasm, and that is hard for me.

And actually, the more charming he is trying to be, the more sarcastic he is.

Why is it that I liked it in the beginning?

Was I able to recognize it because I understand that sarcasm and innuendo are part of the dating ritual?

Perhaps my need to be 100% honest, especially with him, meant that I assumed that once we got to a certain stage the sarcasm would stop and perhaps it just never did and I didn’t realize that the change was me.

I know, that’s out of the blue, but how that situation went horribly awry is still a big mystery to me, and so it does kind of hit me out of the blue sometimes, even now.


But back on topic.

Tonight I do want to ask a few questions about the politics of money, just a little, though most of the questions I’ve come up with thus far are really just to get people talking about the good and the bad side of money, budgeting questions, maybe some talk about get rich quick schemes.

I’ll definitely get politics in there for at least one question.

Gotta do my part to help out ol’ Gary.

Though it seems he might not really need my help. He was on CNN last night, the Huffington Post suggested he might be a viable replacement for the Republicans, and now the New York Times is giving him some coverage as well! If it’s enough to get him the 15% he needs to be in the debate, I think he’ll win this election…

And if he can do for this country what he did for New Mexico about a little over a decade ago, I think money won’t be such a problem for some of us anymore.

Join the #JustAddTea virtual Twitter Tea party tonight at 8pm Central time (that’s 9 pm Eastern, and 6 pm Pacific) and we’ll talk about it.


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