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Weekend Coffee Share: What a Mess!

This weekend if we were conversing over a cup of coffee, first of all, mine would be iced. It’s been hot lately, and I’ve already worked up a sweat trying to catch and bathe my roommate’s kids’ dog, whose name I think is Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim is a cute little dog, but he’s still little more than a puppy, and has just enough chihuahua in him to make him impossible to train… according to the roommate and her kiddos.

Then again, I’m fairly certain they aren’t accustomed to having any responsibility.


The girls, I mean, not my roommate. She’s a teacher like me, and a mom, so she’s accustomed to responsibility, but she’s trying to teach her daughters to be responsible, and it’s not exactly going well, if the pets are any indication.

The roommate and her kiddos have gone on a vacation for a church event, and they’ve left me with the responsibility of taking care of the pets. I don’t mind… mostly…

But the dog has been sleeping in it’s own filth for at least a month, because they keep it in a kennel in the back yard. Instead of letting him roam free in the backyard, they keep him in a kennel on the porch. No one has let him out in a longish time. They give him food and water late at night.

And last night when I went to feed him, I found he’d flipped his food bowl upside down to cover his own feces. His water bowl was almost completely dry, except for a bit of urine… I let him out and fed him, cleaned his water bowl, and he drank no less than three bowls of water.


This is an unacceptable way to keep a dog.

Today I gave him a bath, and I let him stay in the house for a bit. I tried to let him run around in the back yard, but there are no less than three holes in the fence, and so he kept getting out and for a while it seemed he was going to get kidnapped by the neighbors… which would probably be the best thing for him, but it’s not exactly my choice to make.

Meanwhile, the cat… The cat is kind of a bitch, but that is the nature of cats. Meanwhile, I’ve kept her food and water full, but the girls were supposed to clean her cat box before they left.

They didn’t.

They’ve been gone one day, and it’s smelling up the house because it might be that I overfed the cat and now she is pooping more than normal. Then again, the freaking cat box was pretty smelly before they left, anyhow.

And now, the dog has pooped in the guest bathroom. *Sigh* I tried to be nice to the dog, and this is how he repays me.

As if my weekend wasn’t complicated enough.


Speaking of, if we were having coffee, this would be the point where I told you that things with the Pirate may be more complicated than I think.

We went to the movies last night to see the new Independence Day: Resurgence.

For the record, the movie was considerably better than I thought it was going to be. I was concerned that it was just another crappy sequel, not as good as the first, and just trying to make money. Instead, it was actually pretty good! The characterization felt a little rushed. In the attempt to do a passing of the torch, there were a lot characters, and some of them didn’t quite get the explanation they deserved, but overall they did a pretty darn good job of explaining who was who, and where they came from, how they related to the original and what their function is in this new iteration of the story.

Of course, it left it open to become at least a trilogy.

I really didn’t know if I’d like it or not, but I really did! This isn’t meant to be a review of the movie, but I suppose it was only fair to give a little input. I’ll try to give a more in depth review tomorrow. I’m several movie reviews behind, so tomorrow I may just sit down and get them all written so I’m all caught up.

There’s the Independence Day (apparently also known as IDR) movie, plus X-Men: Apocalypse and Now You See Me 2.


The Pirate enjoyed the movie as well, and as far as dates go, I thought it went really well. I dressed up: heels, knee length skirt, the sexy red lipstick, the whole shebang! He even complimented me… sort of. He asked me why I made myself all pretty for the movie, and then told me he was still dressing like his usual slobby self.

It was probably the cutest way anyone has ever managed to slip a compliment into a conversation ever. And I’m not even sure if he’s aware that he even told me I looked pretty. It was unbelievably sweet!

He fed me, and then he teased me by prancing around his apartment in his skivvies. Or maybe he was in his skivvies before we ate, either way, he definitely got my heart racing a little bit.

And by a little bit, I mean I was ready to forego the movie and spend the night in bed with him. If I hadn’t already bought the tickets, I’m kind of under the impression that might have been exactly how the evening went.

Actually, I don’t know if that’s how it would have gone. I still can’t tell how he feels about me. I mean, he told me I was pretty, but it wasn’t a direct compliment. He’s done all these things that I’ve asked of him to make me feel like we’re actually talking to each other and not at each other. He holds my hand and strokes my fingers while we were watching the movie, and the last movie or two, he was the one to initiate that, but this time it was me. The way he looks at me when we’re making out sends a flame of desire through my entire being!


But I don’t know if he at all feels the same thing.

He had said to me that if we weren’t going to the movie he would kick me out.

During one of our walks, he had told me that he has never been to a concert, and he really wanted to go to one. As if by magic, that very day or maybe a day or two later, a friend of mine got tickets to a music festival that has been kept pretty secret for some reason. Seems no one was marketing it. They were trying to use word of mouth marketing, but you have to have people that know about it in order for word of mouth to work…

So I can take him on his day off to a concert, free of charge, and yet, he wants to be alone… to clean house.


I kind of understand, because I, too, get the urge to just be by myself. Today was a day I wish I hadn’t already had plans, because I would have gladly stayed home all day. I, too need to clean. I need to do laundry, for one. But I also need to clean out the fridge, clean up the dog’s mess, and apparently I need to clean the cat box. Plus, my room has gotten quite untidy, and well… no one took out the trash before they left. Instead, they left it overflowing with a pile of dust and debris at the base.

So, I too, need to clean, but my need for social interaction overrides my need for peace and quiet. Then again, as the Pirate pointed out to me, I have all sorts of extra time, because I haven’t yet gotten a summer job.

Maybe he just likes to tease me… He’s told me that he might start specifically turning down my romantic advances because it gives him the dominant edge. He’s chosen to out-alpha me by playing hard to get. Or something…


I guess I’m just being selfish. When I start feeling the butterflies in my belly over a boy, I tend to want to completely envelope myself in him… but the Pirate needs space. And somehow, him needing space makes me uncalm. I really want to be in something more concrete, and yet he seems to still need me to prove something to him before he’s willing to make that leap.


Added to the complication, I sort of promised my friend that got the tickets that I would introduce her to the Teacher… yes he’s still contacting me, and I haven’t figure out how to tell him that we should just be friends. And now, I have to figure out how to introduce him to another woman, when he still seems interested in me.

So somehow the man I want, I can’t tell if he wants me back when there’s such an amazing chemistry that just thinking about him gives me serious butterflies. Meanwhile, the guy I don’t want seems determined to pursue me when there was almost a negative spark.

Oy! The messes I get myself into!



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3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: What a Mess!

  1. What a draining week you’ve had! That is absolutely awful about the animals, I hope you can do something about it in the long run.. Wishing you a better week!

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do. I got the litter box cleaned. They have the clumping litter, so there’s no reason for it to be that gross, Looks like instead of cleaning it, the girls have just been putting more litter in so no one can smell it. The dog is calming down, now that he realizes he won’t be put back in that nasty kennel. I started to clean it, and then realized that my roommate needs to see how nasty it was so she will understand she needs to let them give the dog to someone who will actually love him.

      But the week is starting off better. Had a good walk with the Pirate this morning. He finally admitted that he was afraid to commit until he was sure that things were really going somewhere… that’s progress. Very slow progress, but progress nonetheless. I hope you have a great week as well! And thanks for reading!

      1. Good idea to show your roommate how the kennel is, she won’t believe it otherwise! And great with the progress with Pirate 😊

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