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#ICYMI: Summer Romance Questions

Night before last was our weekly Twitter Chat, or as I like to think of it, our virtual tea party: #JustAddTea. We talked about Summer Romances, mostly about fictional situations. You know, the “what ifs” and what “would you wants” of Summer Romances.

As always, we begin with a brief intro, and what dessert would you share with a lover, though in our chat it became quickly obvious that this was not a group of people willing to share their desserts!


My favorite dessert to share is Tiramisu. It’s a dessert I particularly like to share while in various states of undress… I don’t exactly know why, but it seems very much like a sexy dessert. I especially like it with a jigger of Frangelico drizzled on top.


The next question was about where does the idea of the Summer Romance come from? Why are we so fascinated with the idea of a Summer time, no strings attached romance?


I talked briefly about it the other day, and about how it definitely seems attached to the school’s out for summer idea. It also definitely has roots in the Pagan fertility rites of old, and the need to work the fields.

Question 2 is where the fun begins! What fictional character would you want to have a Summer Fling with?


I would choose Professor Xavier from X-Men. Particularly the James McAvoy incarnation, bald or no. As I was explaining in the chat, he’s sexy enough, but intelligence is really what does it for me. This is why I like the Pirate so much. He’s sexy and intelligent… a bit quirky, but then again, Professor X is in a wheelchair and paralyzed. As one of the girls in the chat explained, with his abilities, it would be a literal mind fuck, and well… that’s exciting!


Just imagine a man who could fulfill any fantasy of yours just by thinking…

Side note, I asked the Pirate, and he wanted someone who could offer him adventure, like Lara Croft. An interesting choice.

Next up, the location. Now that you’ve chosen a Summer Lover, where would you go for your ultimate Summer Tryst?


I’d like to go to an island where it’s warm, not super hot like it is in Texas during the summer. I haven’t traveled near as much as I’d like to, so I’m not sure where would be the best place, but just based on a quick search of the most beautiful island getaways, Fiji looks nice.


Question 4 moves over to the realm of film: What’s your favorite Summer Romance Movie?


This one was harder for me. I don’t watch a lot of romance movies, and even less that are specific to the summer time. I had to look for a list of Summer Romance movies, and I’m not convinced the list gave me movies about Summer Romance, but rather romance movies that came out during the summer. Of the list I used, I chose Begin Again, which is a movie I’d discussed on this blog before.


But then, as I really thought about it, I realized there was another movie I’ve reviewed on here that was more appropriate to the topic: Endless Love. It’s set in the summertime, the love that happens seems like it may end before the summer is over because of the interference of a meddlesome father, but, because Romance movies are only really good if there is a Happily Ever After type of love by the end, they get back together.


I’m not sure I can think of a movie where the love actually ends at the end of the summer… unless that summer love was a lesson for the protagonist to realize how much they really loved someone else. Seems like I’ve seen a movie like that, but I cannot think of an example…

Next up, what is the most romantic scene from a book or movie?


Yeah, I know that doesn’t specifically go with Summer Romance, but it definitely deals with romance. Mine is unconventional, though I suppose that’s not surprising, seeing as I think Ayn Rand’s idea that strong women have to find stronger men to out-alpha them is romantic in a way.

My scene does come from an Ayn Rand novel. There’s a scene in Atlas Shrugged where Dagny Taggart is addressing some of the workers on her family’s railroad. The electric has failed or some such, and she’s giving them a pep talk telling them that they will persevere and the line will not fail because they are going to do it the old way with men along the lines with lamps. She looks out and amongst the throng of workers, she sees her true love, John Galt.


He had been working for her the whole time, keeping watch over her without her knowledge.

The moment when she sees him, to me, is so romantic because of all the implications. His admiration for her greatness, which turns into a love for her, has kept him working under her to be close to her. And her recognizing him puts him in danger, as he is a wanted man, yet he doesn’t run… because he loves her.

Cue the swoon! It’s the only time I was reading a book and a scene made me exclaim out loud with excitement.


Of course, not everything can be wonderful. What about the most awkward moment in a book or movie?


For me, this is more difficult because I get embarrassed on the characters’ behalf quite frequently. So I went with a safe answer: Every time there’s a scene with a mistaken identity.

You know, when the protagonist is about to meet someone on a blind date, and walks up to the wrong person, and kisses them on the cheek or some other ridiculously intimate gesture because they don’t know who it is they’re really about to meet.

Or in You’ve Got Mail when Tom Hanks’ character realizes that the person he’s fallen in love with is his nemesis, and so now he has to figure out how to redeem himself. In fact, the entire plot of that movie is centered around the mistaken identity, or at least the unknown identity.


The final question of the night went back to a bit of seriousness…


Of course, my interest in the “what comes next” is because I do feel like I might be having something of a summer romance with the Pirate, but I don’t want it to end when the summer ends.

It’s already sort of damned because the only reason we get to see each other is because it’s summer and I have a flexible schedule. I think our morning walks may be how we get to actually know each other, and that’s kind of nice! We’re getting healthy together (although he’s like half my size, so he’s going way slow for me…), and we actually have conversations. Yesterday’s walk was the best so far. It was an actual conversation the whole time. I never felt like he was monopolizing the conversation, and he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. He didn’t push me to go to fast when my back started hurting, which of course it did…

Then he took me out for donuts. So… that pretty much goes against the healthiness of the walk. And he drinks whole milk, while my body is more accustomed to skim. I’d kill to have his metabolism! It’s not fair that just smelling a donut makes me gain like 12 pounds, while he can eat a whole dozen and lose weight. *Sigh*


But, the point is, we had a really great day. It was the interaction I’ve been waiting to have with him, and it felt really good. For the first time I was able to just relax and not worry about if I was imposing just by being there, and it felt like we were equals, not just him needing someone to listen to him talk.

I don’t know if he felt the same. We’ll see.

I’m trying not to push.

Join us next week, when we discuss Sequels. There are a lot of movie sequels this year, so we’re going to check them out. Some of them should probably never have been made. I mean, why are there so many Land Before Time movies? The original was pretty perfect and a complete story? And how do you feel about the latest news that there will be yet another Indiana Jones movie?


We’ll talk about all of it next Thursday at 8pm Central time on Twitter. Follow the hashtag: #JustAddTea.

Or as one of the participants from the chat described it:



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