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Not so Eager Beaver

I usually like being right, but sometimes, sometimes, I really want to be wrong.

Today was one of those days.

So, I went out with the Teacher. He was super excited, texting me before I was out of the shower to update me on the movie times, and to ask if I wanted him to go ahead and buy the tickets, and making sure I knew where to meet…

I told you he seemed way too eager!


He was texting me while I was trying to explain to the Pirate a few things about a thing he’d said last night that hurt my feelings, not because of what he said, but because of how the same thing has been used by some of the guys in my past to hurt me… but we’ll get to that in a moment.

One guy at a time.

So, the Teacher actually got to the theater a half an hour earlier than we’d said we were going to meet. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m usually late… except where the Pirate is concerned, but again we’ll talk about him in a moment.

So, me, running late as is my norm, texted him to let him know I was running behind. He was already there. I was still half an hour away, and everything that could get in my way did. Even the UNIVERSE was trying to tell me to turn the fuck around!


I was 15 minutes late.

He was half an hour early.

Great start.

Also, I had made cookies the other day, and we were texting while I was making them. Now, I saved a small handful of cookies to share. I gave two to the Pirate the other day, and I told the Teacher I’d bring him some. I gave him two as well. Fair is fair. He looked at me like I was crazy for bringing cookies into a movie theater. Admittedly, that was a little weird, but I figured if I didn’t, I’d forget and we’d actually discussed them, and he’d told me how good they sounded when I was describing them, so it seemed like a good idea…

He even said they looked good because I sent him the pic I posted on Instagram:


We’ll get back to those in a minute. They’re lemon rosemary shortbread cookies, and if you’re interested (because they were totally delicious!!) I got the recipe here.

So we had a beer, and in the lobby that early it was really cheap. I had thought we should eat in the lobby area, too, since we were there an hour before the movie. It would be cheaper, but he was too busy watching highlights from the game on the TV behind the bar.

He barely made eye contact, and we only talked briefly about teaching before he made a point of saying that we were on summer break so we shouldn’t be worried about work.

Ok… then what are we going to talk about?

Somehow we ended up talking about his ex. I think he mentioned something very briefly, and so I finally had to ask because every time he talked about his kids, he said something about “we,” meaning he and his ex, did this or that with them. Like “WE” named them after flowers, but unintentionally. And “WE” call the younger one “maeby.”


It’s apparently an Arrested Development joke that I don’t get because that’s a show I’ve never seen.

He says that I “really must” see it.

Anywho. Moving on.

I finally had to ask how long he’s been divorced and what happened. Turns out he found out she was cheating in September… as in less than a year ago.

Within two weeks of him finding out she was cheating, she was out of the house and moved in with her GIRLfriend. He fought to get custody, but she’s got the girls this month since it’s summer, but he’s very, VERY bitter about it because his kids are referring to his wife’s S.O. as “Mom’s boyfriend C__.” His issue is that his kids aren’t old enough to really understand what’s going on, but they’re old enough to realize that mommies “should have” boyfriends.


We’ll just walk past how homophobic that sounds.

They were married officially seven years, but they were separated (though the divorce wasn’t final yet) for their seventh anniversary.

And the more he talked, the more angry he seemed.

Fast forward to the movie. We saw Now You See Me 2. He had not seen the first one until last night. He was so excited to see a movie with me that he rented it and watched it last night…

It was alright. But I don’t know if I was displeased with it because it wasn’t that good, or because he sighed every time I took a bite of my nachos… Not sure if I was being too loud, or if it was because it made me look like a fat ass since he had wolfed down his entire pizza in half the time it took me to eat my loaded chips and queso.

The Teacher was really skinny. As skinny as the Pirate, but nearly a foot taller than the Pirate. This is about the only plus I’ve found about this guy: I can wear any pair of shoes I want and never worry about being taller than him… which is a nice first.


Now, remember, I brought him cookies. Just two of them, but they were the last two. My roommate’s kids ate all the other 30+ cookies in the first day… with some help. I think I had like 7 cookies, but not all in that one day. I had saved 10 cookies and ended up giving away 4, 2 to each boy I’m seeing. I had one of them for breakfast today.

One of the cookies, not one of the boys… Moving on.

I saw him bring the cookies into the movie with him, but I never saw him eat them. I saw him put them down on the counter in front of us. For those of you unfamiliar with Alamo Drafthouse, there’s like a bar counter in front of every seat so you can eat and drink and stuff. It was this bar counter thing he sat the cookies down on.

When the movie was over he didn’t grab the cookies. He couldn’t be bothered to try them or to even remember to get them from the theater.

Maybe it’s a small thing, but the Pirate ate his and went on about how good they were. I would have gladly taken them home and eaten them while I wrote this blog post. They’re freaking amazing cookies! They made the whole house smell fantastic! And I freaking love cookies!


Also, as soon as the movie was over, he just started walking out. Didn’t really wait for me or anything. I had to kind of shout at his back that I had to go to the ladies’ room. As soon as I came out we talked for maybe 2 minutes where I was ready to talk about the movie, but he started walking towards his car, and I was parked in the opposite direction. He asked what time it was and then asked me if I needed to get back. So, of course, I took the out.

“Yeah, it’s actually my laundry day and with roommates, you have to stick to the schedule…”

My laundry day was Monday.

He asked me where I was parked and when I told him it was in the opposite direction, he said, “well, I’m parked this way, so…”

And hug, and date over. He didn’t walk me to my car, which is just common courtesy.  He made some mention over his shoulder as he was walking away that we’d “definitely have to get together again, but talk more next time…”


Not likely.

He’s still not done mourning the end of his marriage. He’s still in the angry phase, and I don’t need him second guessing my every move while he waits for me to stab him in the back like his wife did.

Which is probably what would happen because of how I feel about the Pirate.

Besides, just knowing that he wanted more than friends already has me feeling guilty because of said feelings about the Pirate.

I’m actually kind of relieved it went badly because I don’t have to go through the whole thing of telling him it could only ever be friends because I think things with the Pirate might soon be moving into a more permanent position. Or at least I hope so.

But we’ll have to save that for tomorrow, or at least after the Pirate and I have a conversation about the long message I sent him this morning.

Short version? Last night after dinner, while I was trying to shove my tongue down his throat, he made a comment about how he didn’t want to continue this on again off again intimacy, because maybe one or the other of us might meet someone we like and us being intimate with each other could hinder that. He also told me he wasn’t in a place to be in a relationship because he was the furthest down he’s ever felt in his life.

In true Pirate fashion, there was a lot said and it took me most of the drive home to process it all, but then I texted him and asked him to call me when he woke up from his “nap.” When I hadn’t heard from him by this morning, I wrote him a long DM on Instagram explaining that basically I was interested in more than just friends and that his phrasing of things continuously makes me think he’s not interested in me… which is (if I’m honest with myself) the ONLY reason I keep going boy shopping on Tinder.

Oh, and he DID actually cook traditional Puerto Rican fare for dinner last night. I think I love Tostones! They are fried plantains. They taste surprisingly similar to how my fried zucchini taste, at least on the outside, with a better taste and texture on the inside.


So good!

But anyway. This evening he and I should have an interesting conversation, and I’ll give you the update tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Teacher is Out!



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