Oh Summer! Oh Muse!

The summer seriously screws with my scheduling! First of all, I seem to have no idea of what day of the week it is at any given moment because all of my scheduling is out of whack. Instead of panicking about this (which could happen), I instead play Sims and sleep, and panic over other, not-panic-worthy things.

For instance: the misunderstanding with the Pirate.  


Turns out a lot of the misunderstanding was due to perception issues, hence not panic worthy…

See, he responds quickly (when he does actually respond… sometimes he can’t respond right away, and then he forgets until it’s too late), and sometimes that means he responds to the question he thinks I’ve asked instead of directly responding to the question I actually asked… or something to that effect.

He was frustrated with me because (I think) he thought I was asking something I wasn’t because he (like me) is accustomed to trying to anticipate what people mean versus what they say, and so because there have been several times when the movie time has been during his work hours (because they were advanced screenings and I couldn’t choose the time), when I asked about seeing the movie, he assumed that I meant the earlier times. Thus he assumed I was asking him to get off of work early, when in fact, I was asking if we could see a movie after he got off of work.

I had been trying to not send ridiculously verbose messages. The Boy often got frustrated with me because he said I always sent these obscenely long messages. He said by the time he got to the end of them, he couldn’t remember all the important parts, hence, I had to start trying to bold the key sections for him.

Brevity is really, REALLY hard for me. Apparently, though, brevity is important in this day and age.


So, I was trying to be concise, and was not getting the right point across.

For future reference, this exact thing is the reason why I send exceedingly long messages: to avoid this very confusion. However, it seems to backfire as well, so I’ll have to keep working on finding the appropriate length of message.

However, after explaining my frustration to the Pirate (after accidentally waking him up from his nap), he now responds to me in kind. Like I sent him a message this morning because part of our conversation yesterday (which was meant to be only 20 minutes, and we talked for nearly 2 hours, only 20 minutes of which was the argument) had included him (I thought) hinting at us being walking/jogging buddies in the mornings. Ridiculously early in the morning for my summer hours, but it would help to get me onto a schedule, so I’m kind of up for it.

Plus, let’s be honest, I could stand to lose about 60 pounds… probably more. Although, I think if I lost that much, my tits would be pretty much non-existent, and that is unacceptable, so… let’s say I have at least 30 pounds to lose, and we’ll re-evaluate after that.

Either way,  I asked him if he wanted to try to walk in the mornings, and he responded quickly… at first. Then he came back and responded “in a paragraph” for me.

It’s a little thing, but it made me smile.

So, tomorrow, we’ll give it a shot. I’m to meet him at 7 am… which means I have to be out the door by about 6:30… probably a little sooner since getting from my side of town to his pretty much includes a trip through downtown… at morning rush hour time.

Good thing my body is still waking up of it’s own accord at about 5:30!


Perhaps the early morning walks (I’m not ready to jog yet… because of the aforementioned tits) will inspire me to get more done.

Seriously, the lack of a schedule means everything is out of whack!

For example, I woke up not aware that today was Thursday until I saw all the Throwback Thursday posts in my newsfeed.

As such, yeah, I am so not ready for tonight’s Twitter Chat… but I will be!

Inspiration is around the corner, and my muse is on the hunt! Maybe you can join us and help us to figure out where to find some inspiration.


Bring your favorite inspirational quote! The goal is to help inspire one another to achieve our dreams! I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening.

Hopefully it will help to get me back on track for my summer plans. Right now, I am so very off-track,  I even missed all of my usual Twitter chats…

But it has to get better, right?


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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