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The rain’s not the only craziness in Houston…

So, the whole world knows that Texas (especially Houston) has been experiencing Apocalyptic levels of rain this past month or so. Followers of this blog also know that grey, nasty days tend to make me want to curl up in a ball and just sleep. I have that Seasonal Affective Disorder, where the lack of sunlight actually causes me to suffer depression. So all this rain has made my performance in life… less than stellar.

In the middle of that, there’s been the end of the school year, which I feel I handled rather well. I had all my paperwork done on time, and was able to get my classroom cleared and ready to go within 3 hours. I actually left stuff in the cabinets, but only because I was told that I could.

I did NOT leave my Serenity Graphic Novel, however. Even though I no longer talk to the man who bought it for me, it is still a treasured item of mine. 

2015-01-19 21.35.25.jpg

Also in the middle of all this rain and nastiness, I moved into a new house, with new people. That has also been an interesting experience. They’re quick to include me like family, which is a drastic adjustment to the “everyone keeps to themselves” attitude from the last house.

The abuelita (little grandma) who is the matriarch has cooked breakfast and dinner for me a couple of times, and if she doesn’t see me eat, she makes me tell her exactly what I ate, to make sure I’m not lying about eating. I think she thinks I’m too skinny, which is a nice change.

She even made pasteles for me to try. They’re like a Puerto Rican version of tamales, only not spicy at all. It had a good flavor, though we’ve had some translation issues, so I’m not 100% sure what was in them.


She says she’s going to teach me how to make them, but after seeing this recipe… It may be a challenge I may not be up to. I’m surely going to try, though! I enjoy cooking, and it would be fun to learn some new dishes.

Side note, the Pirate is Puerto Rican as well, so it would be fun to surprise him with a Puerto Rican dish one of these days. He’s a foodie, on top of the other things I like about him, so he has shown me some interesting places to eat, and I’d like to do the same, though he wasn’t kidding about his life being too complicated for a serious relationship at the moment. Although, we do seem to kind of be in one… we text pretty regular, and I see more of him than I do of anybody else, including my roommate and her family!

Then again, that may be because I’m being inadvertently pushy. I need to be observant of that.

I’d like to take it to a more serious level, though neither of us is ready for that, and it is WAY too soon for such a thing.

Doesn’t mean I can’t wish for such a thing.


Speaking of that whole situation, I did actually, against my better judgment, go out with the Marine yesterday. And as expected, it wasn’t worth it. We went for coffee. Met at a Starbucks, though he just googled Starbucks close to my area of town, and we ended up at a Starbucks inside a Target. There wasn’t much seating, and so from the very beginning it was awkward. To make things even more awkward, he didn’t look much like his picture, and by the face he made when I walked in, he didn’t think I looked much like mine.

Though all of my friends tell me I looked good:


It was an hour of awkward communication, lack of eye contact (more on his part more than mine… which should tell you something since I hate making eye contact), and superficial comments. As we walked out of the store, he said something about talking on Tinder some more, I offered my number, more out of habit than anything else, and then we hugged and he walked to his vehicle and I walked to mine.

I was shocked when I received a “Hi” text from a number I didn’t know, and I can only assume it was him, but since he didn’t give a name or anything, I’m not 100% certain and only sent “Hi” back. I see that this morning he’s unmatched with me on Tinder. I’ll never hear from him again, and I’m quite alright with that. I knew it was a bad plan from the beginning. It felt wrong.


It felt so wrong, I almost canceled the date.

I had to push it back a little anyway because I found out that my bank account had been hacked, meaning my rent check bounced, and I don’t get paid again until next Friday. I spent the morning filling out claims of fraudulent charges on my account, and then had to fill out paperwork for a loan… paperwork that I’ve filled out before and they’ve denied me, so I figured it was a waste of time, but the guy at the bank seemed optimistic, so I tried again. After I finished filling it out, he told me I’d hear back in a few days… Which does me no good for  getting rent paid.

Then I remembered that a local Credit Union was offering Teacher Appreciation loans. I went there, and while it took more than an hour (closer to 2), I got the loan, and got an actual account with them, at a better rate, with better security options, and I feel like a real member of the grown up world!

Both my mother and the Pirate were proud of me.


Yes, I told the Pirate about the situation. He’s talked to me about his situation with his roommate and money, so I felt safe in telling him about it. Plus he’s smart, and I had thought he might have a solution. Instead, he was just very encouraging, telling me that he knew I could figure it out because I was strong and smart. And when I thanked him for being encouraging, he congratulated me on handling the situation so well.

I think I might actually be more excited about him being proud of me than when my mother told me she was proud of me for handling it on my own!

This is kind of a big deal for me. It’s such a drastic change from the way the Artist handled things this time about a year and a half ago.


Ok, to recap, a year and a half ago, the Artist and I were seeing each other, and he was telling me how serious he thought things were between us, feeding me a fantasy so that he could get what he wanted. We were going to hotels, at my expense, because neither of our living arrangements were entirely stable: I was fighting depression and facing eviction because I couldn’t afford living on my own, and he was living with his dad. And on more than one occasion, I had paid for multiple nights in a hotel because he’d said he’d see me again… only he never followed through with that.

The Artist had told me that my instability made me unattractive; ironic coming from a man living with his Pops.

The Pirate, on the other hand, was supportive of me because I think he actually likes me as a person. Strange, as I don’t think he really knows that much about me, but he seems to want to… at least he’s not trying to get rid of me. Yet.

Here’s hoping he won’t…


So, yesterday was a crazy day, and it meant that I almost had to cancel our Virtual Tea Party, but I didn’t. #JustAddTea went on as planned. We had a great time, and I’ll be posting the questions later today here on the blog in case anyone missed it and would like to participate.

I hope your lives aren’t as crazy as mine, and if they are, I hope they have good outcomes!! Thanks for following me on my crazy little adventure! Next week should (hopefully) be a little more on schedule. This week has been insane!!



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