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ICYMI: #JustAddTea talks about Fairy Tales

I’ve had several people express sadness over missing last night’s Twitter Chat about Fairy Tales, so I’m posting the questions here. Feel free to answer them on Twitter (don’t forget the hashtag: #JustAddTea), or in the Comment section below.

We always begin a #JustAddTea Party with introductions, so please introduce yourself and name your fave fairy tale.


Q1. What do you think makes fairy tales so popular? Is there a formula?


Q2. Can we learn anything from Fairy Tales? What? How?


Q3. How do Fairy Tales effect gender roles?


Q4. Can Fairy Tales change?


Q5. What’s your favorite reimagined Fairy Tale?


Q6. Have you ever had a fairy tale experience in real life?


Q7. If your life were a Fairy Tale, which one would it be?


Q8. Who would you cast to play in the Fairy Tale version of your life?


Thanks for joining us! I love to hear people’s opinions and advice. If you missed last night’s virtual tea party, don’t worry about it, we have one every Thursday at 8 pm Central Time (9pm ET, or 6 pm PT).

Next week we’ll be discussing Summer vacations!




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