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Weekend Coffee Share: School’s Out!

This week, if we were talking over a cuppa, I’d tell you that I am so very, very excited that school is out. And also a little apprehensive.

I’m in a new place (moved exactly a week ago), and it’s alright. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I suddenly feel like I’m part of a new family, complete with a sweet little grandma, who seems very keen that I should learn Spanish, or at least get better at what Spanish I know…

I’m just not sure it’s a family I want to be in.

I mean, it would be a great family to be a part of, I’m just kind of set in my ways already, routine is kind of important for me, and it’s a huge change in my routine! I need to adjust my shower schedule, and go back to some of the ways I did things in college. I’ve already learned that I need to carry my bathroom toiletries into the bathroom and back out again, having gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper (which normally lasts me a whole month) in the one week I’ve been in the house. And all food is communal food, unless I actually take my mom up on her offer to bring me my old dorm fridge… which I might just do.

My room’s about the size of a dorm room, so it makes sense.


Otherwise, it’s a good deal. It’s close to work, it’s cheap enough that I can start getting my finances in order, and I figure one year here and I’ll have money saved up enough that I can move into  a new place and finally, after 2 and a half years, have my dog back home with me! I miss our daily jogs, to be honest.

I miss them enough that I kind of would like to move into my own place at the beginning of the upcoming school year instead of at the end of it, but I’d feel bad about staying such a short time with my new family. They are really nice people! I just need some space and quiet. And the sweet Abuelita who comes in and out as she pleases, because she cleans the house and cooks, doesn’t like to go up and down the stairs, so she yells up at random hours to get the attention of the people living upstairs.

It’s less than ideal, and very different from the very quiet, almost monastery-like house I just left.


Though that situation absolutely imploded as I was leaving!

If you’ll remember back, I was renting a room from a guy and he sold the house. The new guy originally told the three of us renting that we could stay. Then he decided that the older two of us needed to leave. Once one left, he said that I could stay. I asked if that meant til the end of the school year, to which he agreed. Now, money’s been tight, so we’ve had to do some interesting things as far as payment goes, plus, I was originally paying extra because my room was furnished, but I bought the bed from the guy who owned the house and the furniture originally. I wanted to buy the desk and bookshelf, too, but the new owner is really picky about what is HIS.

For example, as I was packing up to leave, the new owner accused me of stealing a bed (the only one I took was the one I paid for). Furthermore, when a couple days later (while my phone had been cut off… money’s been really tight lately) I came by to pick up my mail, he sent me a message to let me know if I EVER came by the house again that the neighbors had been told to call the cops.


All because I picked up my mail while he wasn’t there. I had received an email to let me know that I had a package, and I hadn’t paid to get a post office box… because, well, I was going to try NOT to get a post office box, and just get my mail sent to the new address. In the end, I decided it was best to just get a PO box, since he was being an absolute ass about the whole thing and I hadn’t asked about the new address yet.

In the middle of all that was getting things ready for the end of the school year.

We’re officially on Summer break now!


And, if we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that things seem to be going somewhere with the Pirate. I’m not really sure what he wants, or if he wants anything, but I’m having fun, and I have decided I do actually like him. I mean, I knew I liked him as a person, but I was concerned about his stability factor. He finally let me see him a little… mostly because I got a little pushy I think… but while he let his guard down a little, I found out that he indeed is responsible, and not just a free-spirit wandering aimlessly through existence.

He’s still more carefree than I would be comfortable with, if I was him, but I am no longer afraid that he’s just a kid masquerading as an adult. Which means I’ve also started to let my guard down with him a little. He asked me about myself because he was aware he was talking too much, and I told him some of my favorite college stories.

Like the night of  cling wrap and Vaseline… not nearly as kinky as it sounds.

I thought I had scabies, when in reality it was a rash because I was allergic to the laundry detergent. At the suggestion of a “friend,” I and the 2 friends I was living with, coated ourselves with Vaseline for 8 hours while we watched romantic comedies and musicals, washed everything in the apartment, all the clothes, shampooed the carpets, cleaned out the cars and sprayed them down… And after 2 days, all the bumps were back, but worse, because I was actually allergic to the laundry detergent, and we’d washed EVERYTHING in the apartment.


There were other stories,  but that one is a particular favorite of mine.

At some point, he told me what an interesting and entertaining woman I was. He told me this between kisses, so I’m thinking it was a compliment. We’ve tentatively agreed to get together again, though he uses the term hang out, which is dubious.

It makes me feel like I’m in that nebulous place, where I don’t know quite what we’re doing, if we’re working towards something real, or if we’re just people who enjoy each other’s company. I’ve decided I like him, but we’ve only known each other for a short time, so I don’t want to push, yet, I don’t want to let myself get attached if it has absolutely no possible future. This is one of the problems with dating in this day and age: Not knowing the rules because the rules aren’t set.

I’m just going to go with the flow… See what happens.

The one thing I know for certain is that he doesn’t seem the type to give me a false fantasy, like the Bartender, or the Boy. With him, I’m fairly certain that what I see is what I get, other than I think he’s being as cautious as I am, and for the same reason. But, I think he is as afraid of the fantasy as I am.

And thus, I was inspired to discuss Fairy Tales for this week at the #JustAddTea virtual tea party. Well, this situation and also the discussion of the Cinderella stories a few days ago.

So join us this Thursday as we discuss Fairy Tales, both the actual stories and the fantasies that are told in relationships.


This would be the point of our coffee break where I’d pass the conversation over to you, so thanks for letting me ramble on about my life. These coffee shares (a link up with have become an important part of my weekly routine, and I appreciate you following along on this journey with me! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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