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The Nice Guys Review

I was lucky enough to see this movie a couple of weeks ago,but haven’t been able to write about it because of some sort of media embargo. Seems they didn’t want any details leaking before they premiered at Cannes. I can see the reasoning behind that. But as a review from Cannes has been posted, I think I can finally add my two cents about how awesome a movie The Nice Guys is!!

To start, it’s directed by Shane Black, the guy apparently responsible for creating the Lethal Weapon movies (the first of which I only just saw last week…), and thus is kind of the progenitor of the buddy cop movie. He’s a big fan of the film noir style of the 70’s it seems.

He’s also apparently a fan of porn, parties, and conspiracies, which are central to the plot progression of this film.

One of the things I really love about this movie is how strongly they stuck to the idea of this being a 70’s movie. Check out this retro style trailer that was made for the film:  Continue reading The Nice Guys Review

Captain America: Civil War Review

I normally do marketing posts on Mondays, but I’m a little behind schedule, and I’ve got a couple movies to review, so enter Movie Monday instead!

Let’s begin:

So I had a date. He took me to see Captain America: Civil War late-ish on a Tuesday.

I knew (from the trailers) that I would want to be Team Cap because of the reason for the split. If it could be said that I was a member of any particular political party, I would say I was a Libertarian, the party that is ostensibly the party of freedom. Libertarians believe in as much freedom as possible. Want guns? You’re free to own them so long as you’re not using them to take freedom away from other people.

Side note, the Tea Party crazies are part of the Libertarian party, but just as all Catholics are Christian but not all Christians are Catholic, not all Libertarians are crazy Tea Partiers. Also, though the title of this blog involves tea, I am decidedly NOT a member of the Tea Party!

Now that we’ve cleared that up… Continue reading Captain America: Civil War Review