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Tired of the Tinderfellas

I haven’t talked much about the latest Tinderfella. He’s the latest, and he’ll probably be the last.

Not because I think he particularly has the staying power to be THE ONE, but because I think my time with Tinder may be done for a bit. It isn’t bringing me the type of guy that I’m looking for. The guys I keep meeting on Tinder don’t understand that I need total honesty. I don’t want a situation where I’m being fed a fantasy. I want a situation where the fantasy has the potential to be the reality.

I want to be wooed, and treated like a princess, but for it not to be false, like it was with the  Bartender.

I want a man who fulfills my fantasy but also wants to work together to make our dreams come true…


So the latest Tinderfella is perfect on paper. Then again, we’ve had those before, haven’t we?

This one actually ticks most of the right boxes. He’s got a good job, that he’s passionate about. He’s adopted (like me) so he understands the importance of family and wants to have kids. He seems very sensitive, so he’s less likely to be the type to hurt me just because he can. He’s attracted to me, which is kind of important…

Then again, we haven’t met in person yet. And whereas with the Bartender, I was so intrigued by him that I couldn’t wait to see him, and subsequently to do naughty, naughty things to and with him, this guy may not be up to my intellectual par and so I’m not really looking forward to meeting him.

But I haven’t met him yet, so it could be that he’s just shy right now. We discussed that me being sapiosexual meant that good conversation was my idea of foreplay.


To which he said something along the lines of we needed to hurry up and have a conversation so he could get my clothes off.

And yet, he also got “bummed” when he thought I had kids because he doesn’t date women with kids because he gets too attached and it hurts too bad.

It’s a strange dichotomy that makes me a little leery. Is he just another Tinderfella looking for a no strings attached situation? Or is he seriously looking for his Mrs. Right so he can settle down and start a family of his own?

Maybe he’s somewhere in between. He doesn’t live in Houston, so it’s already an issue laden situation. I’m not sure if a long distance relationship is doable for an extended period.

Then again my best friend was in an LDR for I think four years before they were even in the same state.

They just had their first child not long ago.

So, sometimes the long distance thing works.

Plus, I like road trips.


But then if I’m going to open myself up to LDR, there’s a couple of really great options for me running around the Twitterverse. One in particular has my brain working overtime because he’s as creative as I am, and very sensual. Or at least the fantasy he presents me with is very sensual. If I could take his brain and heart and put it in the Tinderfella from out of town, I’d be set.

But that seems to be asking too much. After all, I had someone who offered me everything I was looking for, but he was married… and it was all a freaking fantasy. *Sigh*


Thanks for following me as I chase rabbits today. I know there’s not much in this post, but I do foresee a post about the strengths and weaknesses of long distance relationships in my future.

After all, either things with the newest Tinderfella will work, and I’ll have to figure out how to make an LDR work, or it won’t work and then I’ll be faced with trying an LDR with the guy from the Twitterverse… Can’t wait to see how this goes!



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