Daily Archives: April 14, 2016

Criminal has potential

Whoever is in charge of marketing for this movie needs to be fired! This movie was a pretty enjoyable experience, but it’s not getting a whole lot of attention. I literally hadn’t even heard of Criminal until the passes showed up in my inbox, and the description of it wasn’t particularly enticing because it didn’t seem very original. I pretty much only went because I didn’t want to deal with my house situation, procrastinating the inevitable one more day…

Usually, for advanced screenings, there’s such a long line that you have to arrive a good 3 hours before the screening starts to get a decent seat. Marketing has been so bad for this movie, that I showed up only an hour before it started and was able to get a prime spot in the center of a row. Not just one seat, but two!

If people knew how enjoyable this movie can be, the line would have been much, much longer! Continue reading Criminal has potential