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What’s the Difference?

Social Media has helped me to meet all sorts of new people. One of which is an amazing poet who has several of his poems posted as audio over at Audioboom. He and I spoke about my situation with the Bartender, and the next day he posted this poem about loving someone and it being your breaking point; about being in love versus loving someone.

It helped me to let go a little. The Bartender had told me that now, because of the horrible thing I did, we would just have to do our best to forget one another. I would have told you that wasn’t possible because he had touched me so deeply. Yet, yesterday when I was writing and wanted to mention him, I almost put “the Boy” instead.

He has become just a nameless face of another man who hurt me. Just another facet of the wrong “Boy,” the one who is NOT my soulmate.

And while the day he read the weather report for me so I could win a bet let me know that I could love him, realizing that I couldn’t separate him from the other men who had hurt me let me know that I was not in love with him.

So what IS the difference?

I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle the question yet, but it’s on my mind.

I’d love to know your take on what is the difference between loving and being in love. Please post them in the comments below. Or tweet them to me, but don’t forget the hashtag: #LovingVsInLove.

Hopefully we can figure it all out. I’m tired of loving, but not being in love…




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