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My Love Affair with Romance

“A first kiss is not only a meeting of the lips but an introduction of the souls.”

When I was a little girl, romance quickly became the sole captor of my heart. It was the dramatic love triangle between the dashing Rhett, paradoxical Ashley and impetuous little Scarlett that first captured my attention. ‘Gone with the Wind’ became my christening into the world of romance through the trials, tribulations and heartbreaks that accompany those on the road to love. After such a grand introduction, I was convinced such stories were not only found in fiction but a resolute fact of reality. Growing up, the evidence of romance was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Existing in literature and films, but void in everyday life.

“His genuine affection easily spotted despite his best efforts, his tell wasn’t his lips but the soft smile that reached his eyes.”

It was the absence of this feeling that fueled my passion for writing. Bringing the emotions lost on the pages of the classics into my contemporary work. The very definition of romance rings with fictitious tones, a notion imagined but never found. The reason I write? To find the missing pieces that I believe to be real. Creating a world to become lost in for the hearts that dream in grand gestures of affection.

“I miss the scent of her hair, the soft fragrance would linger on my pillow for days being both a comfort and a torment.”

The End.

“He wore the sea like cologne, a salty sweetness so crisp you could taste it on your tongue and so fresh you could envision the ocean.”

Now… The End.

B.E. Van de Viere




I'm an avid reader from Northern Indiana, normally lost within myself and formulating incoherent thoughts into colorful words of chaos. I love writing about the struggles of relationships, dragging my characters through hell before dropping them off at the gates of heaven. I enjoy books from several genres but my heart forever belongs to romance. Always anxiously awaiting a happy ending, I read the last chapter of every book first. A history major, I'm a devout student of Russian and French history, as well as literature. Normally found spending too much time inside with my pets.

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