Notice Me, Senpai (Iggle Post)

Today is the first day back to work after Spring Break, so I decided I needed to ease back into the swing of things. I’m also a member of an online Pen Pal community. I’ve talked about it once or twice, particularly when I’ve done one of their challenges, like the Halloween story I wrote last year, or the Heart that was for Superman but was also an Iggle challenge.

Iggles, that’s what the members of this group call themselves. It’s the International Gek Girl Pen Pal Club, or IGGPPC for short, and from the shortened version, you can see where “Iggles” comes from. I’ve had 2 pen pals so far, and I’m not sure they’ve been particularly successful, but I’ve signed up for another one, so eventually I’ll get the hang of it. I hope.

Meanwhile, one of the things they do every month is a theme. The founding members, and the rest of us, I suppose, answer questions related to the theme on their blog, and I think I’d like to start answering them on mine as well. Especially this month, because the one for February (yes, I’m late) is a theme about anime teen romance: “Notice me, Senpai.”



I had to look it up… “Senpai” is a term of endearment for an upperclassmen, and in this case, one in which usually our heroine has a crush on. So, while not entirely on point with our study of the Romance Novel, Japanese anime does do some interesting things as far as romance is concerned, and I’m not even talking about hentai or the more… colorful… forms of Japanimation out there.

So, without further ado, here are the Iggle questions for the February Theme: Notice me, Senpai!

1)Who was your first fictional crush? Who is a current fictional crush?  

First fictional crush has to be either Wesley Crusher, from Star Trek the Next Generation, or Jonathan Brandis’ character off of SeaQuest DSV. Both were highly intelligent teen males who were technically just the children of important crew members who then, because of their intellect, became crew members themselves in a highly unorthodox fashion.

Jonathan Brandis’ character, Lucas, had a talking dolphin named Darwin, who is still a part of my escape fantasy when I get super overwhelmed and shut down. I loved his smile, and I do have a thing for blue eyes. Always have.


And Wesley Crusher, played by Wil Wheaton, was equally as intelligent but was super awkward like me. He had a crush/relationship at least 3 times that I can think of, and not once did it last. There was an episode where he and Ashley Judd had to basically save the crew from a virtual reality game that triggered the same center of the brain as an orgasm, he was the only one to escape the game and was able to get Data up and running so Data could save the day, just as the entire crew had cornered him and were making him play the game.


And then there was the time he fell in love with a shape shifting ambassador. That was another fun episode…

As for a current fictional crush, I think the only show I watch with any regularity is Doctor Who, and so if I can count the tenth Doctor as “current,” that might be it. Maybe Four from the Divergent series. Actually, yes, Four from the Divergent series. He’s totally the perfect man, and I’ve written about it!

Then again, I’m pretty happy with the Bartender, so I’ll just keep him, if that’s alright.
2) You’d love for senpai to notice you… What secret admirer gift do you send in silent hope for some attention?

I had so much fun making that heart for Superman that I think that would be a good gift. It was relatively easy, and It really was fun! Doing the Ninja Turtle theme made it super easy, but I think it would be easy to modify it to any fandom character. Right now you can buy Doctor Who pillows that are totally square and for Eleven, they have a bit of brown that sort of resembles his hair and a bow tie, and you totally know exactly who it is! I could do that in a heart format.


Though, it would be a lot easier if I knew how to use a sewing machine…

3) What is your go-to indulgence when you just want to channel your inner Usagi and eat your feelings over that clueless senpai?

That’s an easy one. My go to snack is some form of fried potato. Could be actual Southern fried potatoes with onion and garlic and serrano peppers, or french fries, or tater tots, or Chili Cheese tots from Sonic, or even just potato chips, especially Kettle cooked potato chips with an avocado. Yummm! I love to just scoop the green goodness right out of the shell with my chips.


4) Feel like sharing an awkward dating anecdote? 

Oh jeez! Take your pic! I think my most awkward dating moment was right after I’d started taking heart medication. This really hot guy on campus had started talking to me. I was a theater freak, and he was in the Radio/Television/Film program, so we shared a building. We went on a kind of date; we got food from the on campus sports bar, which was the same stuff as in the cafeteria, but cooked better, and went back to my dorm to relax. We were down in the lounge area, and, as I said, I’d just started taking all my heart medication, so I was really aware of when my heart did anything strange. He excited me because he was super hot! But it made my heart rate speed up, and so, without thinking, and because I don’t always have a filter, I said something about I needed to go upstairs and take my meds, but I’d be right back.

When I came back, he had all sorts of questions about what kind of meds, and then he sort of avoided me after that. Seems guys don’t like girls who are broken, contrary to the damsel in distress archetype we’re told works.


The last question asked to write a poem about my gal pals… I’m finding I don’t have many of those at the moment. In fact, I don’t have many pals at all, actually. There are a few, but I’ve become pretty isolated. My own fault, really, but either way, I’m skipping the poem for now. If you want a love poem, read the one that the Bartender inspired when he recorded himself reading the weather report to help me win a bet.

So there you have it! My (belated) “Notice Me, Senpai” questions. Tomorrow we should be back on track with our 30 days of Romance Novel information!

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