Daily Archives: March 21, 2016

Notice Me, Senpai (Iggle Post)

Today is the first day back to work after Spring Break, so I decided I needed to ease back into the swing of things. I’m also a member of an online Pen Pal community. I’ve talked about it once or twice, particularly when I’ve done one of their challenges, like the Halloween story I wrote last year, or the Heart that was for Superman but was also an Iggle challenge.

Iggles, that’s what the members of this group call themselves. It’s the International Gek Girl Pen Pal Club, or IGGPPC for short, and from the shortened version, you can see where “Iggles” comes from. I’ve had 2 pen pals so far, and I’m not sure they’ve been particularly successful, but I’ve signed up for another one, so eventually I’ll get the hang of it. I hope.

Meanwhile, one of the things they do every month is a theme. The founding members, and the rest of us, I suppose, answer questions related to the theme on their blog, and I think I’d like to start answering them on mine as well. Especially this month, because the one for February (yes, I’m late) is a theme about anime teen romance: “Notice me, Senpai.” Continue reading Notice Me, Senpai (Iggle Post)