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The First Date

I’m going to try my hand at this whole romance thing… maybe it’s erotica, there are definite elements of both, I believe. Here is a fictionalized version of my first date with the Bartender. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, and things have been embellished in spots, but the essence of it is the same: Some of the conversation is the same, the bit about the drink is the same, and the shapewear bit is definitely true! I hope you enjoy!


Never had a first date made Cecily so nervous, and yet she knew it would go well. That was part of what made her nervous. She touched her hand to her shapewear enhanced figure; the polka dot wraparound dress she hadn’t worn in years looked great on her tonight. It accentuated her ample breasts, with just a hint of pink lace from her bra showing. It cinched in her waist, with the help of the constricting spandex material of her very overpriced shapewear. The length was just enough to be modest, while still showing off more than enough thigh to make a man think of all the naughty bits that were covered by the material, and, as often happened with wraparound attire, if she crossed her legs left over right, which was her preferred leg choice, she ran the risk of the skirt coming open and exposing quite a bit more thigh.

If the chemistry between Cecily and this new Tinder-fella, Giovanni, was as intense in person as it had been through text, this would be a short dinner.

The ding of her cell phone startled Cecily as she did her final lipstick and eyeliner check in her rearview mirror before she actually opened the door to her sporty little blue car. She’d been sitting in her parking space for about three minutes longer than she had intended to, trying to decide whether or not this was a good plan.

“Are you coming?” It was him, of course. Her date. “I’m at the bar, tap me on the shoulder, but don’t speak…”

It wasn’t a question, but a command, the type of command Cecily could not ignore. Typed with the authority of an alpha male, full of confidence. He, too, must have known that this was going to be a short dinner meeting. Just the thought of the possibilities brought a warm tingling sensation to Cecily’s belly. She’d be wet by the time she reached the bar at this rate.

Cecily opened the door to her car, worried that as she stepped out, she might flash her brand new lacy pink panties to the world, and hopefully no one would notice. Between her four inch heels and the only 6 inches between the floor of her car and the pavement, she was at a disadvantage to get out gracefully, though she gave it an admirable try.

She straightened her dress, adjusted the knot at the side that held it together, and took a final admiring look at herself in the gleam of her freshly washed car. She looked good. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too disappointed when all the layers holding her in came off.

She walked in, and waved off the hostess who was trying to take her name and get her party information. She looked around the bar area, her eyes furtively bouncing from the back of one head to the next. She was looking for the telltale sign of his dragon tattoo creeping up the side of his neck. She’d seen pictures, and had been amazed at how manly it had made him seem.

On Tinder, his pics had all been modest, expressing the innocence of a man who had seen the world but not been part of it. He was smiling in his pics, every last one of them, and it was a sweet smile, gorgeous teeth, but he looked like the sort of man who would kiss her feet instead of smack her ass. She wanted a man who was capable of doing both, and something about the way he texted her, she had hoped he would be the one she was looking for.

There, at the far end of the bar, she spied a bald head with the faint trace of smoke curling up the side of his neck. She knew that the smoke was seeping from the nostrils of a very large dragon, one that wound its way around his whole torso. The thought of seeing that dragon up close and in the flesh brought the tingling sensation back to her loins. She could feel the wetness between her thighs as she walked towards him, and with it came a blush to her cheeks.

Cecily tapped the man on the shoulder, and opened her mouth to speak as he turned to look at her. He put a single finger to her lips before rising from his seat to kiss her full on the mouth. His tongue exploring, tentatively, sweetly at first, and then plunging into her mouth and wrestling with her own tongue with a hunger. His smell enveloped her. He had a slightly woodsy smell, overtly masculine, more so than any man she’d met before, with just the slightest hint of sweetness to it. His hands on her back pressed her close to him so tightly she could feel his heartbeat quicken to match pace with her own as his fingers began to trail down to the small of her back, which was one of her most sensitive spots.

A gentleman behind them cleared his throat, breaking the trance. As they parted, Cecily let out a slight moan, part desire, part disappointment at the interruption.

“Well hello, beautiful,” he said, in a voice deep and melodic. His Spanish pronunciation made every word into a song. “I’m Giovanni, and I certainly hope you’re Cecily.”

Cecily laughed while she nodded her head. Her nerves were gone, but she didn’t trust herself to speak just yet. She was still trying to catch her breath as he pulled her barstool out for her to sit.

“Your laugh is as beautiful as your smile,” he said, his own smile growing as he pulled his own barstool even closer to hers and grabbed her hand, intertwining her fingers into his own while with the other hand he rubbed lightly on the back of her hand.

It was a familiar gesture as if they’d known each other for years. The bartender brought her a drink before she could recover.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Giovanni said, his voice singing to her while she tried to grasp exactly what was happening. “I ordered a drink for you. I was thinking that we could talk for a moment and then grab a bite to eat, and then the rest is up to you.”

“Are we eating here?” Cecily asked, her mind still reeling from the intensity of that kiss. She leaned into him, her eyes watching the curl of his lips, and memorizing every twitch, every facial expression. As she had expected, their chemistry was amazing!

He smiled.

“Did you have a better idea?”

Before she answered, she kissed him again, her need for him fully aroused. As he dropped her hand into his lap so he could touch the sides of her face, she could feel that his need for her was just as intense. Cecily moaned again as she ran her hand lightly across the hardness she felt there. His moan met hers just before he pulled away, his eyes wide with surprise.

Cecily laughed.

“I was thinking we should get dinner to go,” she said.

“Are you sure?” he asked, the pitch of his voice rising notably in the most adorable way. Cecily didn’t understand the hesitation she saw there. His eyes were darting all over her face, checking for any inconsistency in her expression, any hint of doubt. “Let’s at least finish our drinks, and give you a chance to think it over,” he said, as he grabbed her hand out of his lap.

“Ok,” she said, uncertain what she had done wrong.

They had been texting and chatting back and forth for weeks. She knew she liked him as a person. In Cecily’s mind, the meeting in public had been only a formality, to make sure they were as attracted to each other in real life as they had been through their words and pictures.

Perhaps he wasn’t really attracted to her, though his body said differently. She took her hand back and took a slow slip from her drink, the one he’d ordered for her. It was much too bitter for her liking, but she tried to play it off, coughing lightly, and then taking another sip, equally as slowly while she tried to figure out if she had made a mistake.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him attempting to nonchalantly adjust himself. He was still fully hard, and the length of him was stressing the fabric of his jeans. It looked uncomfortable, yet she found it slightly gratifying that she’d had that effect on him. If two kisses could illicit that response, who knew what would happen when they got back to his place.

If they went back to his place. Nothing seemed certain now.

Besides, would he notice, when she took her clothes off, that she wasn’t as skinny as her shapewear had made her to look? Would he be sickened by how not perky her 30something year old breasts were? Was he already disgusted by her?

By the third sip, she had adjusted to the bitterness of the drink, though it did make her grimace a little.

“Beautiful, what do you think?” Giovanni asked. They had discussed that bartending was a hobby of his, something he’d hoped to do but had yet to have the time to really put into it as a career.

It wasn’t a drink she could recognize, and having done a bit of bartending in college, she was surprised she couldn’t even recognize the components in the drink. She wondered if perhaps it was his own recipe, meaning her response could be potentially hurtful to his ego, which already seemed potentially easy to bruise.

“It’s a bit…”Cecily struggled to find a polite word to describe how she felt about it. “A bit stronger than I’m accustomed to,” she finally managed to say, as she took a fourth tiny sip.

“Perhaps some ice will help,” he suggested, as he grabbed the bartender’s attention by raising a single finger.

After ordering her a glass of ice water, he tried to begin normal date conversation, but how could one scale things back from that kiss?

“So,” he said, “tell me about your drive. Did you find the place easily?”

“My GPS took me on the most complicated route,” Cecily said, “but once I saw the place, I ignored my GPS. So, it wasn’t too difficult.”

She paused, trying not to look at his hard cock, which was still visible through his pants. He obviously still wanted her. The warmth inside of her kept her cheeks flush. She could feel even her ears begin to warm up at the thought of him inside of her.

Though they’d only just met, he had enticed her mind with his words, telling her things like he loved the look of intelligence behind her eyes.

Men didn’t say those sorts of things to her. Men told her how luscious her breasts looked, and how they couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. Men told her how sultry her pout was, and how good they imagined those thick lips would feel as she kissed them below the waist. Men told her she had seductive eyes, and sometimes that her smile was pretty, but it was always accompanied by some naughty bit of text. They couldn’t wait to have those eyes looking up at them, or they wanted to make her smile while they were thrusting deep inside of her.

Giovanni was the first man to tell her that he liked the intelligence behind her eyes. He told her, without any additional sexual content, that he loved her smile, and that he liked to make her laugh. He genuinely seemed to like her.

This was the first time she’d gone on a first date hoping it would end in sex. Usually the men tried to push her into the sex, and this time she felt like she was the aggressor, even though he had come off strong, commanding her to come, not allowing her to speak before they kissed, ordering her drink.

Maybe she was playing the game all wrong. Oh, how she hated this part of the game. She wanted him, and she could tell by his still throbbing cock that he wanted her, too. So why would he verbally push her away?

“So…” she said with a sigh. “What’s good to eat here?”

“Everything!” he said, grabbing two menus from the stack by the wall near the spot where he sat. “How hungry are you?”

Almost on cue, her tummy rumbled. She hadn’t eaten much that day, aware of how tight the spandex would pull her belly in, not leaving much room for food.

“I am a bit hungry,” she said. “And this drink is awfully strong. I think I’d best eat something soon.”

Cecily felt fingertips on flesh for a brief moment. She hadn’t realized that she’d crossed her legs, letting her wraparound skirt fall open, like she’d feared. Giovanni grabbed the edges of her skirt and covered the exposed skin, gently brushing her legs with his fingertips as he did so. The feel of his fingertips made the heat inside of her blossom into a full on blaze.

“Thank you,” she said as she looked sheepishly up at him, only to see that he, too, had begun to blush. His entire bald head had turned a very interesting shade of pink.

Cecily could feel the smirk on her face. He did want her, but he was too sweet, too nice to act on it. She pulled her stool closer to his, and grabbed his hand and placed it on her leg where her skirt had come open again, though this time, she sat with her knees apart, inviting him to slide his fingers a little further and touch her so he could feel the wetness there.

He didn’t, though. He let his hand rest on her thigh, lightly caressing it with his thumb.

She kissed him again, one hand tracing the smoky part of his dragon tattoo along the side of his neck. She could feel his breathing change.

When she pulled back from the kiss she held his head with her hand and whispered breathily into his ear, “please? Let’s get dinner to go. I’m very sure.”

He pulled away and looked her in her eyes, still unsure of himself, but he nodded, and raised his finger again to get the bartender’s attention.

Cecily let him order for her, with the proviso he didn’t order anything that had tomatoes. She really hated tomatoes.

They spent the next few minutes staring at each other trying not to rip each other’s clothes off there in the restaurant. He ran his fingers ever so gently across the back of her hand, tracing each individual bone, as if trying to memorize the layout and length of each finger. Then he flipped her hand over, and lightly traced each line in her hand.

The whole time, while he stared intently at her hands, he told her the tale of how he ended up in this country, about how his mother, very pregnant with him, took a flight to New York so he could be born on U.S. soil and have dual citizenship, before flying back with him to his home country, where the education was better.

His vocabulary was remarkable, so she knew it was true about the education system. He used words that made her brain giddy, and as he described his hometown, he was so vivid in his description that she felt she could see every blade of grass in his front yard in her mind’s eye.

Somehow, without being sexual at all, he seduced her soul.

When the food arrived, he paid the bartender, leaving a hefty tip, and held Cecily’s hand as they walked out to his car. Once they were situated, her with the food on her lap, and him in the driver’s seat, he asked for her hand again as he drove them the short distance to his house, and he continued telling her stories the entire way.

She could sense his nervousness. She was just as nervous. As he struggled with his key in the front door, she kissed the back of his neck, causing him to drop his keys. She took the food from him before he could spill it all as he tried to bend down to retrieve his keys. In so doing, she put her long legs, with the four inch heels right in his line of sight, and as he came back up, he ran his hand along the inside of her right leg.

Unlike before, he didn’t stop at her hemline, but ran his hand all the way up, and felt how wet she was through her lacy pink panties. With one hand up her skirt, teasing her through her panties, he unlocked the door, walking slowly in so she could follow without him removing his hand from her nether region.

He kicked the door shut, taking the food from her and setting it gently on the floor before dropping to his knees to taste the juices that were now flowing freely from the slit between her legs.

“Pink,” he said. “I didn’t expect pink. I didn’t think you were a pink type of girl.”

He pushed the panties to the side and lightly licked around the edges of her nether lips. He lapped at her clit, now a fully erect little bud, and the sensation made her quiver. It had been a very long time since a man worshipped her in such a way. While he teased her with his tongue, he took one hand and ever so gently slid one finger in. He found her spot immediately, as if he’d been inside her before, and as he plunged a second finger in and then began thrusting ever faster, she could feel herself nearing orgasm, there in his living room.

Her need for him was so intense that she’d completely forgotten about the flesh colored spandex that held all of her undesirable bits in, but as the spasms began to overtake her for the first time in months, she felt the tug where the spandex met her under garments and held them in place.

Panic mingled with absolute desire overtook her, causing her to lose her balance. She leaned against the door to hold herself up. As her spasms of ecstasy began to subside, he slid up to meet her gaze, removing his fingers quickly from her, causing her to take a sharp but shaky intake of breath.

He looked her deep in the eye and just before he could lick his fingers clean, she took them into her mouth and sucked her own juices from his fingers while maintaining eye contact. She could see his eyes go wide again, just before they rolled back into his head with surprise pleasure.

“That feels very nice,” he whispered, pressing himself against her so she could feel how hard he’d gotten. She noticed with pleasure and surprise that he’d gotten even harder than he had been at the restaurant.

“Where’s your restroom?” Cecily asked. She knew that she needed to get her shapewear off before she had to explain, and she feared he’d no longer be interested, but at this point there was no going back.

His eyes popped open in surprise, but he took her to the master bedroom, with its adjoining master bath, and he shut the door behind her, ever the gentleman.

Cecily struggled to get out of the spandex confinement while trying not to make too much noise, and she did manage to tinkle, so as to not be too conspicuous. She searched for a place to hide the offensively ugly piece of material, which seemed so very small now that it wasn’t stretched over her body, finally deciding to hide it behind the towels in the cabinet.

She saw herself in the mirror, and her heart dropped. She knew when he saw her like this, he would tell her to get out. It had happened before, where men had told her that she wasn’t pretty naked, and even though it might have been the third or fourth date, they would tell her to get her fat ass out. This was only her first date with Giovanni; there was no way this man would want to see her again. Her only hope was that he was so aroused already that he’d at least want to have his fun before he kicked her out. She should have brought her own car.

She tried to close her dress back, but without the shapewear to hold her in, she was nearly a whole size bigger. So she decided to leave it open, and hope that he was more enthralled with the matching pink bra and panties set.

As she walked out into the bedroom, he was seated on the edge of the bed with a drink for her. The overhead light was on, always a kiss of death for her, and so she stepped out, nervously, with her shoes in one hand, in case she did have to make a quick exit.

Giovanni looked her up and down, and she watched, hoping he would be kind. He stood up slowly, and she could not read the look in his eyes. She could tell he was staring at her, but she couldn’t tell if he was disgusted, or if he was trying to figure out how she had gotten so fat, or what. As he walked towards her, instead of handing her the drink, he placed it on the dresser, and then took both hands and placed them on her breasts, rubbing her nipples through the lacy pink fabric. When he looked up at her, and made eye contact, all he said was “Beautiful,” before he kissed her hard on the mouth, and wrapped his arms around her to pick her up and lay her on the bed, with his mouth still firmly on hers.

While he lay above her kissing her deeply, she struggled to undo his pants, but in her own excitement she couldn’t quite manage it. He broke from their kiss, and took his pants off, and pulled the rest of his clothes off as well, exposing his dragon tattoo, much to her excitement. Then he kissed his way up from her ankles up her body, stopping only long enough to pull her panties free of her body. As his mouth met hers again, he slid inside her, slow at first, but their need for each other sped them up quickly.

He plunged deep inside of her again and again, while she for her part raised her hips to meet him, thrust for thrust. Their hands and mouths exploring each other, touching and kissing each other, pulling each other deeper and deeper to the brink of ecstasy, until they both reached the peak at the same moment. He collapsed on top of her as she lay there twitching as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her body.

Breathing hard, he kissed each breast tenderly, and then looked her in the eye and asked, “Are you happy?”

“Very happy,” she sighed, still twitching slightly, as she tried to uncurl her toes, to no avail.

“You are not faking for me?” he asked, and she could see the honest concern in his eyes.

She took his face in her hands and brought his mouth to hers for a sweet kiss.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “As a matter of fact, this may be a first. I can’t uncurl my toes.”

He looked at her feet then, and smiled. He gently pried her toes up and massaged her feet, first one foot and then the other. No one had ever treated her so kindly, and she let out a light sound of happiness somewhere between a sigh and a moan.

“You have made me very happy,” he said as he kissed his way up her body a second time, but this time he lay his head on her chest and just held her.

The two lay there for a moment before Cecily’s stomach began to grumble. Giovanni let out a deep laugh, and she could feel the rumble all through her body, which made her smile.

“I suppose that means it’s dinner time,” he said. “I am glad we got it to go.”



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9 thoughts on “The First Date

  1. I very much enjoyed this. Vivid, sensuous, and full of emotion, I was glued. I really enjoyed how direct Cecily is about how she feels toward the man and your descriptions. I loved how you wrote about her insecurities about her body, and the way he received her so well despite her fear. Awesome. Keep writing!

    1. Thank you! And you bring up a good point… I don’t know if I’ve ever read an erotic or romantic story where their wasn’t amazing sexual chemistry (thus ridiculously easy orgasms) between the lovers. Hmmm…

      1. Hmmm indeed! I’ve had plenty of experience in the chemistry department, but orgasms were much much harder to come by. Maybe I should try to write my own erotica…the battle of my orgasm 😉 But I agree, I’ve read plenty of romance and erotica and this is never a problem in those stories. I don’t think a scene ends as well with “yeah that was great but I didn’t get there” lol

      2. LOL Yes, I suppose that does take away from the sexiness of it. But just once, wouldn’t it be great if part of the struggle the lovers had to overcome was that they kept getting interrupted because it took actual work?

        I’d have to do a little research on that. The story is semi-biographical, and I don’t struggle in that department. Three times only have I ever had to fake it because I didn’t get there. Hmmm! I feel inspired for a post!

      3. Love that I’ve helped inspire another post from you ☺️ Not sure what my issue was, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I was told “you won’t have a problem getting there with me”…like they knew my bod better than I! I only orgasmed twice before my current partner, both when very young and then had a 20yr drought! Even now, I still don’t get there every time…but when I do…wowser!!

      4. I can’t imagine that. I actually have a harder time getting myself there, and when I was younger, I would always bring myself right to the brink, but wouldn’t let myself actually finish. I have this theory that somehow it makes actually intimate encounters more successful… but I haven’t done any research on it or anything.

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