Thank God for Chicago…

But if you’re religious, now might be the time to start praying.

I’ve been known to be slightly dramatic. Sometimes I see the way a thing is going, and I tend to predict the worst possible outcome. I’ve been told by some that I’m negative because of it. I suppose, it’s because I see all the possibilities. The little logicians in my brain run the computations and then they decide what the most likely outcome will be. It’s why I held onto hope with the Boy for so long, but it was also why I would sometimes take things in the most negative way possible.

The Boy was fond of pointing that out to me. The Bartender accused me of the same thing yesterday because an incident between us led to me reacting to him the way I would have with the Boy. The post with all the information about that will post later today. I promise.

But the reason I bring all of that up is because my brain logicians are working overtime with what’s going on with Trump. 

time to take action

When people are raising their hands in a Nazi style salute for a man who is spreading hate about entire racial groups, and that man is the FRONTRUNNER of the Republican party, in spite of his lies and flip-flopping, his lack of knowledge, lack of platform, lack of basic human decency, in spite of the fact that he has failed almost every business venture that he has started, and filed for bankruptcy 4 times, despite his hate filled rhetoric and his absolutely ignorant words, when this absolute joke of a human being is the frontrunner of one of the two major political parties and people are basically worshiping him, my brain logicians begin to freak out.

I was too busy dealing with the aforementioned issues with the Bartender, along with some massive changes happening at home (the owner sold the house and the new owners are changing quite a few things even after only a day), to even be aware of what was going on Chicago, which is so very far away from where I live in Houston. No one seemed to be talking about it in my little realm of the world.

So imagine my confusion when all of a sudden I saw people posting on Twitter about it.

Imagine my horror when the first picture I saw about the whole mess was this one:


In the few hours since I first saw this image until I’ve worked myself into a frightened fervor, I have read several eye witness accounts, articles from two different newspapers, tried to ask for information on both Twitter and Facebook, and even though the accounts are all a little bit different, the unifying theme is that it became violent and hateful.

This little old woman, who looks like she probably makes awesome cookies for her grandkids (when she’s not polishing her Nazi memorabilia), allegedly (according to the man talking to her in the photo) told him that she wasn’t going to go anywhere because when she was younger we would have… Cue the Heil Hitler Nazi Salute.

Okay, so it’s one little old delusional grandma. Big deal…

But no, it’s NOT just one little old delusional grandma!

Here is a social experiment where people are given Hitler quotes and asked how they feel when they think they are Trump quotes… The fact that people support Hitler quotes as long as they think Trump said them should be scary. I particularly am frightened by the woman who said Trump would lie “good lies” to do good things for the country.

Now I made reference to this to a former coworker who was trying to help me understand what was going on in Chicago, and he told me that basically people today just don’t know quotes, and that’s probably true.

But the Hitler comparisons don’t really stop there.

Trump is targeting entire ethnic groups and suggesting that he wants to kick them out of the country. When he speaks about Mexico sending people to America, he doesn’t distinguish between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants. He just says that Mexico sends over people who are “rapists and some of them [he assumes] are probably good people.”

Then later he tries to justify it.

Even later, he completely changed his stance on Mexico and immigration after some off-the-record discussion with some news organization. And in the last (and only) Republican debate I’ve watched, he said that he wouldn’t discuss it and that his changing was to be applauded because he was being “flexible.”

Anyone else remember how one of the things that killed John Kerry’s campaign was that he flip-flopped on a few, maybe even only one topic?

Yet Trump gets caught changing his stance all the time! So much so there are memes galore about it! My personal favorite being the Pokemon one:



Plus I’m pretty sure everyone in the rest of the world absolutely hates him. He’s inconsiderate of anyone who is not him. He lacks any form of compassion for anyone. He says horrible things purely for the shock value, and you know what? Because of the Reality Television culture that we live in, people find him “refreshing!”

He’s not refreshing! He’s a reprehensible, callous, waste of air who lacks any form of empathy!


I’m sorry. I’m just frightened, and apparently I lash out when I’m frightened.

Ask the Bartender.

But the racism at the rallies has been mounting slowly. Protesters, especially those who are people of color, are violently escorted out and attacked as they leave.

Admittedly, protesters probably shouldn’t sneak into these events, but they have a right to be there.

Now, my former coworker who wanted to… not support Trump, but at least say perhaps he wasn’t as bad as I thought he was, his point was that the rally shouldn’t have been disrupted. They had a right to have the rally, it’s their first amendment right.

At first, I had to think about it because I do somewhat agree with him, but I double checked what it says about the first amendment because I truly feel in my heart that Chicago is a victory for human decency. This is what it says:


They have a right to “peaceably” assemble. “Peaceably,” as in in a peaceful way. This covers peaceful protests, it covers religious gatherings, rock concerts, poetry reading, even political rallies. It would probably even cover BDSM orgies, so long as no one was being harmed against their will!

But that one word “peaceably” doesn’t apply to Trump rallies.

Does this seem “peaceable” to you? When a protester is spit upon, called bad words, pushed and shoved as she is escorted out, is that “peaceable?” This protester in Kentucky stirred up quite the conversation because of how she was treated when she was removed from a Trump rally.

When you add that this man has received financial support from Klan members, actual former leaders of the Ku Klux Klan, and he didn’t deny it or say anything other than he didn’t know the person, and then later flip flopped and said that he “disavowed” that, saying he didn’t realize that’s what happened…

Ugh! I don’t even have words for it!

This man is simply fueled by hate!

When even a German newspaper tells you that we should beware of this guy, maybe we should listen. Germany still remembers what it was like to be ruled by a racist who spoke of removing certain ethnic groups in order to make the country great again…

german newspaper.png

At this point, I’m on the verge of saying that we should do anything we can to stop this man.

Chicago was a first step, but it’s going to take a lot to keep this man from gaining power. Too many people thought he was just a joke. Too many people doubted he would make it this far since he lacked any sort of political expertise, any sort of political platform, any sort of believability.

Now he’s gained enough momentum that he could actually win.  Setting this country back a hundred years or more. So anything it takes to stop him… within reason, of course. I don’t condone violence of any sort in this endeavor.

But I think Salma Hayek might just have the right idea:


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