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Too Good to be True.

Leave it to me to jinx the one good thing in my life at the moment. Well, he’s not the only good thing in my life. Let’s be fair, I’m having quite a bit of luck with my writing, having recently been invited to be a serial writer for an online magazine (do they still call them e-zines?), and my Twitter marketing skills are improving.

Meanwhile my story is moving along. I haven’t updated the 8th chapter, but I think it’s starting to bring things together and answer some questions that a handful of my beta test readers have asked me. Not that I have official beta test readers… just a handful of people who’ve known me forever who wanted to read what I’d written, and thus far have enjoyed it, though they do occasionally make suggestions.

Have I mentioned that I like feedback? 

Feedback (1).png

And while the medical/work side of things has had a pretty massive setback, I’m feeling better. I feel more in control of my life. Or at least certain aspects of it.

Last night, the Bartender came over for dinner. I made Parmesan crusted chicken cutlets with a side of spinach/mushroom quinoa. He brought a bottle of wine. It went well, other than I didn’t get a chance to make the apple pie I had planned for dessert. I’ll make it today, later, when I’m in a slightly better mood about it all…We watched an episode of a show he wanted to share with me. I introduced him to Secretary.

Surprisingly, he really enjoyed it. His reason being based on the levels and how it wasn’t just about the novelty/fetish of the S&M world, but because it was a true way of life for the characters, and that it made them both stronger for living that lifestyle. It was insightful and gave me some things to think about given my own views on that particular subject

We stayed up until nearly 4 AM talking. Well and kissing a bit, but it was really nice. Practically perfect in every way.

But it can’t last. Even though he’s definitely separated, and I was under the impression that he was indeed going through a divorce, seems that’s not accurate. When she called. He went running. Because she didn’t just call, she tried to face time, and how would he explain where he was?

This isn’t going to end well for me.


I guess this means the meathead from Goodreads actually has a shot. Even though he’s in Philly.



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