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Star Wars, worth it or not?

Emphatically, worth it!

There are lots of really great things happening cinematically and thematically in this film that make it worth the watch. Like the really great use of negative space and the symbolic way the light is consumed by the dark in the opening scene… Or the great interactions with the characters, and the way it allows for romance and friendships but stays true to the Hero’s Journey as explained by Joseph Campbell in his books… Or the beauty of the landscapes…

But we’ll go in depth on all (or at least some) of those in a minute. I want to give those of you who haven’t seen the film a chance to back out now.

I managed to see it spoiler free. I almost caved earlier today and looked at a post that had fun facts about Easter Eggs to be seen in the new Star Wars Episode VII

But I am so glad that I did not! I think the experience would have been diminished by the knowing beforehand what mysteries were to be revealed.

So, if you haven’t seen it, this is your opportunity to walk away from this post before we get into the really big spoilers. If you want a better review, that’s spoiler free, check this one out over at Geekritique. He’s my go to for news on all things geeky.

Otherwise, run! Because from this point out there will be… Continue reading Star Wars, worth it or not?