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Progress for 2016

Last post I began to discuss some of the ways I analyze life. I got sidetracked by yet another fight with the Boy, but it may finally be the one that ended all the others.


Because I analyze and see patterns, it is very obvious to me WHY we fight, but it hasn’t been obvious to me how we stop it. If you ask him, I think he’d say that he has no idea why we fight, but to stop it, we both have to forget the past.

Well, we just passed the third Christmas since we’ve known each other, and while that’s not an astronomical amount of time, there’s been a lot of bad that has happened in that time. Sometimes it overshadows the good by a lot, but some of the good was so good that it’s easy to see why we hold on. Or at least why I do.

I still don’t understand why he “keeps showing up,” as he says. He says it’s because I’m important and that I just have to take his word that he means that, but the reason we fight is that while he’s saying that with his mouth, his actions don’t always match.

They never have.

This last fight, I think he finally, FINALLY saw why I keep saying that. Finally!

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My Analytical Life

My last couple of posts have been about movies–well, about one movie in particular–and I’ve been actively engaged in an ongoing IMDB debate about said movie. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock (or just not paying attention to me my blog lately), the movie is the new Star Wars Episode VII, which I am thoroughly convinced should win an Oscar because of the subtleties in the characterization. A lot of people look only at the similarities in the plot between this one and the original, Episode IV, hence the ongoing debate.

I’ve encountered a handful of trolls, and then again I’ve also gotten a lot of praise for starting a positive, well-organized, logical debate. It has been mildly refreshing to know that my debating skills are not as broken as they seem to be if we look solely at my interaction with the Boy…

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Are we becoming lazy?

I’m going to take a moment to vent about how people watch movies these days. I wanted to let you know up front this wasn’t going to be one of my normal posts. I’m releasing steam that has built up because some people don’t understand how to properly formulate an argument, and if I don’t walk away from the troll I am going to release a primal scream in my childhood bedroom that might scare my family to death.

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Star Wars, worth it or not?

Emphatically, worth it!

There are lots of really great things happening cinematically and thematically in this film that make it worth the watch. Like the really great use of negative space and the symbolic way the light is consumed by the dark in the opening scene… Or the great interactions with the characters, and the way it allows for romance and friendships but stays true to the Hero’s Journey as explained by Joseph Campbell in his books… Or the beauty of the landscapes…

But we’ll go in depth on all (or at least some) of those in a minute. I want to give those of you who haven’t seen the film a chance to back out now.

I managed to see it spoiler free. I almost caved earlier today and looked at a post that had fun facts about Easter Eggs to be seen in the new Star Wars Episode VII

But I am so glad that I did not! I think the experience would have been diminished by the knowing beforehand what mysteries were to be revealed.

So, if you haven’t seen it, this is your opportunity to walk away from this post before we get into the really big spoilers. If you want a better review, that’s spoiler free, check this one out over at Geekritique. He’s my go to for news on all things geeky.

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I want a man with Colin Farrell eyes.

I was channel surfing when I happened upon a movie I hadn’t seen (I hadn’t had any interest in it), and what caught my attention was that it had Colin Farrell. He is a little hard to resist… You can’t blame a girl for stopping specifically for him. I mean, have you seen the guy?

There’s gotta be something said about a guy who even manages to make the 70’s porn ‘stache work.

What really caught my eye was the way he looked at his love interest in the movie. There’s a way he looks at a woman that just makes me melt. Continue reading I want a man with Colin Farrell eyes.