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Tinder can be exciting!

There’s a new boy in the Tinder cue. He’s got those gorgeous hazel eyes you can get lost in, and an amazing set of lips, which we know I love!

That was always one of my complaints about the Boy’s pictures. He always tried to make them look thinner. Women pay gobs of money to get a luscious pout like his, why hide it?!  We’ll put that in the list of things I will probably never understand about him…

But this new guy… whew! Let me put it this way: Any conversation where I get to use “parochial” correctly in a sentence should count as verbal foreplay. I’m just saying.


The new guy (haven’t decided on a nickname yet… only just started talking to him after all) is well traveled and a transplant from Seattle. In fact, he’s still flying back and forth while they set up the local office, apparently. Don’t ask me what he does; I’m still working on that.

What I DO know is that he’s ex-military, which of course makes me a little leery given how dumb the last ex-military guy was (the Investment Broker) but when I used “parochial” in a sentence, he didn’t go running screaming in the other direction. So, there’s hope. I did the teacher thing, though, and followed the word with enough context clues that he should have been able to guess the meaning even if he didn’t already know it.

I’m just good like that.

And seems he didn’t need the help. He seems to be an avid reader, which is a plus! I’m an English teacher, remember? Being a reader is a pretty fantastic plus!

Readers seem to be a dying breed. This saddens me so much. Men, why don’t you read more?



This guy, he started talking about a winter vacation… Highly romantic. And really fast. But exciting! I was afraid I was going to have to slow him down a bit, but he suggested we move it to a Summer vacation instead, and just go on a date on Friday. I like the way he thinks!

I challenged him to meet me for a painting at one of my favorite wine and paint places… He couldn’t resist the challenge, which, I kind of figured, given the whole “let’s go on a romantic winter vacay” conversation.

There’s a fire and a passion in him that is very exciting indeed!

Maybe we should call him the Adventurer… What do you think? I’ll take suggestions…




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