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The Unintentional Compliment…

So I had a date on Friday. It was my first face to face with someone I met on Tinder. It went well. Really well, I’d say. He was a gentleman. Never said even so much as a cuss word. Tall, and handsome, and interesting. More interesting than I had anticipated, actually…


And he was a really nice guy! Like legitimately a nice guy, as opposed to the nice guy who pretends to be an asshole, like discussed in my last post.

Here, I’ll prove it to you:

As part of our conversation,  we discussed traveling outside of the country. I really haven’t done much traveling (or any, really) outside of the country, but he went to a developing country (used to be considered third world, but I’ve been told that is no longer PC…) to explore his heritage and ended up opening an orphanage. Paid for with his own money!!

Sounds too good to be true, right? But I was able to Facebook stalk him a little bit, and lo and behold there are pics of his trip.

So, when I say he’s a nice guy, I really mean it!

In fact, I think that may very well be his nickname: Mr. Nice Guy. Though I think he’d probably complain a bit. We just finished having a discussion about whether or not he presented himself as being sweet and innocent.

It started out quite silly, with us discussing the weird autocorrect fails that had happened in our conversation. I was telling him I think my phone might be possessed because it does things like change “telling” to “trekking.” I mean, seriously, who uses “trekking” in their every day conversation?

Somehow the conversation morphed into me accusing him (jokingly) of giving my phone a disease because we talked on Tinder, and he told me there was no evidence of that, and then I told him that he was obviously innocent.

And he did the guy thing of telling me that nooooo he wasn’t innocent.

I haven’t figured out why, but men seem to think that being told they are innocent is some sort of insult. He was no different. When I jokingly told him that I thought he was sweet and innocent, he responded with a slightly hurt question: “Is that really the impression I give off?”

Accept there was an autocorrect fail (or a Freudian slip, you decide) and instead of give off, he said is that the impression I “get off?”


As the conversation got much more colorful from that point, I’m not entirely convinced it was an autocorrect fail. And it wasn’t the first time that had happened. Although every time he blamed it on autocorrect… Perhaps it’s some sort of new not so subliminal messaging tactic guys use to make a girl think about sex while he’s talking to her.

I won’t comment no how effective or ineffective the tactic is, but we do have a date set for Tuesday. We’ll see how he acts then.

I don’t think he was using Tinder just for a hookup. Or rather, while his guy friends (as he explained on Friday’s date) told him that he “needed to get laid,” so get on Tinder, he told me that he just hasn’t had any interest in that since his ex broke his heart and disappeared.

con_artist3Either he’s really really a nice guy, or he’s the best con artist ever!

He is from New York…

(Side note, when I went looking for an image of a con artist, half the pictures that came up were the character Neil Caffrey from White Collar, the other half were pictures of comic book artists at a Comic Con… the nerds are definitely winning!)

Either way, I don’t believe that a hookup is all he’s looking for.

And it becomes important because of the unintentional compliment he gave me today.

So as the conversation got more and more *ahem* colorful, we discussed some of our personal preferences, and, at one point, he said that he hadn’t desired anyone for so long that it was all just coming back to him now.

Let me let that sink in for a second.


He hadn’t desired anyone. It was just coming back to him. The implication being that he found me desirable!! And not just that, but I awoke something in him that had been dormant!

Can you think of a better compliment?

Oh it’s been a while since a man made me feel that way. Like legitimately made me feel like I was worth something. I know he was insinuating that he found me sexually desirable, but if he had found me just sexually desirable, I think he would have made a move on Friday. Maybe I’m wrong.

Plus, when I told him I was going to take that as a compliment, whether he meant it as one or not, he was legitimately shocked that he’d said it. And when I said, “well, just move on, I’m still going to take it as a compliment,” because I had thought he was going to try to take it back.

He told me not to be silly, he did desire me, it was evident to him, and that he had desired me since Friday. I had been on his mind, and he was tempted to drive the half an hour across town to see me this very night, but he’d wait until I was ready to see him.

That realization, followed by his admittance that he’d been thinking about me since Friday, when he hadn’t been even concerned with anything sexual since his ex hurt him, made his accidental compliment an even better line than the Artist’s great line over a year ago.


Our conversation went on a while longer, a good hour or more longer, until I thought I’d gone too far because I had suggested a road trip to introduce him to someone from a different part of my life, a part of my life he’d asked questions about.

When he didn’t respond right away… or half an hour later, I asked if I’d freaked him out. He called me Boo…

“Lol, no boo, I’m falling in and out of sleep…”

…No one’s ever called me “Boo” before.

For those of you under 25, that’s what people used to call their “bae,” except “bae” is an actual word, and it means shit, as in fecal matter, as in the stuff that comes out of your butt.


So, if y’all could stop saying “bae,” those of use with an education would greatly appreciate it.

Of course, we know how I feel about nicknames… So why does him calling me “Boo,” give me some sort of hope?

Maybe because I’m just so damned ready to be important to someone. It would be nice to have that instant connection to someone. I mean, I was comfortable with him, but as I told the Boy, I didn’t have that “I want to rip his clothes off” feeling I get almost every time I’m around the Boy (yes, even still, after all the pain and the constant back and forth and the…well, everything).

At the end of our date on Friday, he kissed me on the cheek. Twice.

440254 beautiful romantic couple

In hindsight, I think he was trying to figure out how to give me a real kiss, but as we’d had nachos, and I could feel a jalapeno seed stuck in my teeth, I would not have been comfortable with that. And not because I didn’t want a kiss, but because I’d be self conscious about my breath!

I have thought a couple times about how nice it would be to kiss him. I’m a fan of kissing… we’ve discussed this. Several times. I’ve had little mini fantasies of crawling onto his lap and just making out with him.

I think it’s safe to say I like him. He’s smart, and he’s tall enough that even in my heels, he’s still taller than me. He seems nice, He has a great deal of passion, which is why he’s about to go back to school to study his passion. This will make his second degree.

He’s funny, but in a very intelligent way. I’ll have to eventually have the sarcasm talk with him because I am afraid that it could be an issue. I’ve learned from the experience with the Boy that this is a thing I’ll have to be careful of.

So he’s got intelligence, wit, passion, and looks.

904935 happy woman with an okay hand sign

That just leaves dominance and practicality. He’s Hispanic, so if the stereotype holds, his machismo will make him dominant, but he’s also willing to let me make some decisions. We talked about that very thing today, when he told me to pick when we got to see each other again. I told him not to give me that much power, and he promised to take it away from me when next we saw each other…

Made me quiver a little when he said it. Ok, maybe it made me quiver a lot.

And his housing situation shows his practical nature. Since he’s planning on going back to school (and not actually a school in Houston), he decided to stay with family instead of wasting money on renting a place or being locked into a lease.

I can relate to that. I’m getting into a new place on the first, and there’s no lease agreement, and it’s just month to month, but only $500 a month. Sometimes being practical is a necessity… I just tend to not be good at it, hence why I need a man to be the dominant one in the relationship.

I think he fits the bill. We’ll see how Tuesday goes, that will kind of make the decision for me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!




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