JWC Day 7: 10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now

Music is a big part of who I am, but it definitely changes depending on the mood or the month… or the hour. The last time I did a blog challenge, I was definitely in a bit more of an optimistic place, where I felt like I had tons of options. Right now, I’m not exactly pessimistic, per se, just not seeing a bunch of options in general. I think my music choices of the moment kind of reflects that. Many of the songs are an attempt to be upbeat, but several of them are upbeat breakup songs.

Like Elle King’s Ex’s & Oh’s.

It’s an upbeat song about a woman who leaves a trail of broken hearts behind her. It’s basically a girl with the self esteem I wish I had. I want a full-time lover too badly to actually go on a heartbreaking spree. Though I have been told that I am harsh on architects.

Remember, Superman was the third one I’d dated. The first one, I kind of wish I could give him a second chance. He was a little short for my tastes, and a bit of a cheapskate, but he was good at giving compliments. The third and last date I went on with him, I couldn’t get the Boy out of my head, because I’d been talking to them both. I actually went to the Boy’s house after the date was over. He’d texted me while I was out, and I realized the conversation we had in his texts were more enticing that the conversation I was having with the man sitting next to me.

I miss those conversations. 

Mountains by Yuna

I’ve shared this one before, just like I’ve shared some of her other work before, but that moment of remembrance reminded me of a feeling that I get sometimes, that I wish, so strongly that I could get rid of. I know that the Boy won’t ever feel what I felt, and I know that right now neither of us is in a place to be in a relationship even if he did, but there’s that little bit of hope in me that one day he’ll understand. It’s a tiny little spark of hope, but it’s there. And it sometimes overwhelms me.

Stay With Me (Cover) by Angus and Julia Stone

In a similar overload of feels is this song. It’s a rare case of me enjoying a cover more than the original. Somehow it doesn’t seem as depressingly hopeless as the original.

You Don’t Own Me by Grace

Here’s another cover that I really enjoy. Not sure it’s better than the original, but it’s a better re-envisioning than that Baz Luhrmann bastardization of Great Gatsby…

In all honesty, I really liked the visuals of the Baz Luhrmann Gatsby flick, but the music really bothered me. I know that he’s known for adding anachronisms to his movies, and usually it works! But in Gatsby it didn’t flow seamlessly like it did in his other works, like Romeo and Juliet, or Moulin RougeIn Gatsby, the hip hop music seems garish and out of place. The techno works, but the hip hop was obviously chosen by someone from the hip hop world and not from someone trying to intertwine the modern with the old.

This song, however, takes an older piece of music and melds it with rap in a way that seems to work. At least I think so.

Nothing Else Matters (Cover) by Lissie

This is the last cover, I promise… at least I think it is. I’m kind of making this up as I go by going through my Spotify starred song list. Backwards.

But this one is truly a classic. And Lissie is someone who does really well with a variety of covers. The first cover I heard her do was… well I’ll share it with you.

Pursuit of Happiness (Cover) by Lissie

And THAT was the last cover song. I think. I like it because she kind of reminds me of what a musical child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love would have been. Her mannerisms remind me of Courtney Love, while something about the way she plays (or maybe it’s the people in the band with her) makes me think of Nirvana.

I could be totally making that up. As much as I enjoy music, and I feel emotions from music, I am in no way a music guru. I have friends who are much more qualified in that area than me. I just listen to things I like, and that help me feel better.

One More by Elliphant

See? Not a cover. Though it does kind of go along with the “stay” theme. Seems I’m a little torn between the staying and the going. That’s me in a nutshell: always in flux, shifting between two extremes.

Actually, this one is all about the beat for me, and the juxtaposition between the hard beat and the somewhat melodic vocals. It makes me smile.

Everything is New by Slow Club

We’re moving into a somewhat mellow direction here. This one comes from the Royals playlist. As in it’s a song from the show that comes on the E! Network… Yes that’s the same channel as the Kardashians. No I’m not proud that I even know of the show, but it is one of my guilty pleasures.

It’s a show that basically depicts what British royalty would be like if it was more like American “royalty,” i.e. the Kardashians and their ilk.

I have not figured out why the video is basically just a compilation of one hipster’s mastication. I’m going to try really hard not to think about that…

The King Of Norway by The Donnys and the Amys

Another one from the Royals, and another semi-mellow tune. I think I like this one because I can see the show in my head when I listen to it. I’m not sure it’s the right scene, but because the show is a bit of a soap opera, any scene where the Princess Eleanor is crying, or about to do copious amounts of drugs to keep from crying, or is crying and destroying stuff after doing copious amounts of drugs, any of those scenes fit.

Want to Want Me/Want You to Want Me Mashup by Andie Case

Ok. I lied. This last one is a cover also. And it’s another one that I’ve shared fairly recently, but I do absolutely love this song much more than the one I was originally looking for to put here. I’ve never heard the original Jason Derulo version of the song, though I have it on good authority from my soon-to-be sister-in-law that it’s garbage.

This is decidedly NOT garbage.

And I love that they’re just driving around singing. The big guy in the back is having a blast, and home chick is pretty gorgeous with a voice to match.

Yeah, I’m definitely stuck in limbo between that get over him and want him back place. Or at least, if you judge me by my music, that’s where I am.

I hope you enjoyed my list! It’s still not exactly mainstream stuff, but I like it. And perhaps it’s more mellow than upbeat, but these songs all make me happy, whether by bringing back a memory, or being empowering, or just being wonderfully done. I’d love suggestions for music. If this list were on a cassette tape… or even a CD, I think I’d have burnt it out by now. Time to update my music choices. And as long as it’s not the same formulaic drivel I’d find on the radio, I’d love to get some suggestions.

Seriously, music has become all about being the same and having a formula these days. And that’s why I still try to find stuff that’s not entirely mainstream. Even if they are just covers, I like the way indie artists reinvent the songs because they still love what they do, and aren’t in it just for the money.

Don’t believe me about the formula? Check this video out.

I imagine there’s probably a similar one for pop music and hip hop and rock. Maybe not rock… I’m a little out of touch with that one. I don’t know if I’ve listened to anything considered rock since Fair to Midland, as short lived as that was.

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