JWC Day 2: I’ll Never Forget…

Today the challenge asks me to write about something someone told me that I’ll never forget. Well, I have a somewhat eidetic memory from time to time, so I remember a lot. I remember my first nightmare for crying out loud! I was only 5… I shouldn’t logically remember that, but I do.

So the better way to phrase today’s challenge would be to write about am important thing someone told me that I still remember. That’s a much smaller number. The one that sticks out is a bit of a cliche, but happens to be fairly true. And it keeps me going when things get bad… usually.

There was a girl (I say girl, she was a fully grown adult, ex-military and divorced) living in my dorm during my first attempt at college. We were smoking buddies…yes I used to smoke, but I haven’t had a cigarette in a really long time.

After she and I had both moved out of the dorms, she told me (after telling me she gave me a bad reference when trying to rent a house) that I always somehow managed to land on my feet. At that exact moment, I was pissed about her not helping me get into a place that was perfect for what was going to be my new life. The compliment was still felt; like I said yesterday earlier, they make me smile even if it takes a while. It took me a while to realize she had actually done me a favor.


She and the Olde Man were the first real friends I had after high school. They each in their own way tried to help me deal with my depression and self doubt. Neither of them ever said anything about me being depressed or having self doubt, but in hindsight, I can see that’s what they were doing.

So when I finally realized what she meant about always landing on my feet, it was the first glimmer of an optimism that has kept me from drowning in my own fear and self-loathing on many occasions. When things get really bad (especially financially), I remember that I always land on my feet. Enough so that others have noticed.

By the way, her not giving me that reference was the beginning of how I got out of a bad situation with AJ. Not getting that house allowed me to move home for a summer (similar to what I’m doing now), and he showed his crazy true colors, leading me to break off our engagement.

That was also the summer that my heart tried to kill me. I ended up in the hospital because my blood pressure had reached 240/160 and the doctors decided that the only thing that had kept me from dying was that I’d been taking Aspirin like candy to ease the pain of a tooth ache I’d had.

See? She was right! I always manage to land on my feet…


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

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